For Applicants Who Are Associate Degree / Higher Diploma Holders / Students

(Year 2 or Year 3 entry)

副學士/高級文憑畢業生/在讀生申請者適用 (申請插班入讀大二或大三)


Associate Degree / Higher Diploma Holder / Student

Holders of or final year students studying for an Associate Degree or a Higher Diploma from a higher education institution recognised by the College may apply for Year 3 entry. Year of entrance depends on the depth and relevancy of the subjects and the programme in which they are enrolled. Based on course exemption and transfer of units, some applicants may be admitted into Year 2 only. Non-final year students studying an Associate Degree or a Higher Diploma programme who wish to apply for admission must satisfy the General Admission Requirements as listed in the General College Admission Requirements, and are eligible to apply for Year 1 entry only. Individual applicants will be considered by the College regarding their academic qualifications and non-academic achievements on a case-by-case basis.