Graduation from UIC is another start in my life. In my opinion, UIC gives a strong foundation to develop my academic achievement. Actually, teaching methods and policies in UIC are very similar with universities in Hong Kong. Therefore, I feel very comfortable and adaptable in Hong Kong. I think that life in UIC was stressful in working with assignments and presentations. As a result, we need to know how to have good time management and deal with stress. These techniques are useful in developing our future career. For instance, now, I am a master student in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. I know how to effectively work within limited time. UIC gave a very meaningful lesson on time management and mental adjustment. On the other hands, there is no doubt that GPA is the focus on four years of university life. Actually, it is not easy to keep a very high GPA in every semester. Possibly, there are some fluctuations due to various reasons, for example psychological change and difficulties in a particular field. From my point of view, psychological health is very important and crucial to determine your academic results. When our academic result is not satisfactory, it is more likely to have bad mood or even depression. These are very common phenomenon. However, the most important thing we need to learn is to fix the problem and fault. Otherwise, problems become worsen and GPA cannot climb up anymore. It is a vicious circle. To get a good GPA in UIC is never easy at all. Therefore, I learn how to change my mind and make my thought positive. UIC gives many chances for us to have different trials. It does not matter when we had a bad result. We had four years to figure out the problem and fix it. There is not a big deal. We still have chances to make progress. However, working in the society is not easy to have second chance to have another try. Undoubtedly, GPA is a decisive key to open the door for further development. At the same time, UIC gives a platform to identify and recognize ourselves, and then find our own ways. Lastly, I am grateful and proud that I am graduated from UIC.