Voluntary Service Development Center of Whole Person Education Office (WPEO) would like to hire 1 Assistant Facilitator. Please find the following details as shown below: 

Job Title: Assistant Facilitator 

Job Description 

This is a teaching position for a person who has passion in voluntary service education. The appointee will be responsible or assist in the teaching of voluntary service course under the Whole Person Education Office (WPEO), provide administrative assistance to the WPEO Director or the Coordinator of Voluntary Service Development Center under WPEO in a variety of academic activities, carry out general research, and perform any other duties as assigned by WPEO. 
- Coordinate events and student activities to promote environmental awareness and responsibility; 
- Coordinate off-campus activities in relation to environmental protection in local or overseas; 
- Give advice to students and student societies on their green activities; 
- Conduct field survey and community study. 

Job Requirement 

Candidate should have a master degree in agriculture, biology, botany, environmental engineering, environmental study, environmental science, fishery & oceanology, geography, green technology or zoology etc., possess good communication and motivational skills, have teaching experience, overseas working experience and strong knowledge in statistics is an advantage. Able to teach in full English is highly preferred. The candidate needs to work in normal working hour; however, working in outdoor, irregular hours and weekends may be required occasionally. The position offered depends on the candidate’s experience and academic qualification as well as achievement. 

Application Closing Date: December 12, 2014 

To submit application, please send your full curriculum vitae by email to recruit@uic.edu.cn. Thank you.