Student Affairs Office

Post name office Ext./Tel.
Chief of Student Affairs Prof. Johnston Hong-Chung WONG T4-101 3620227
Associate Director Mr. Li Junyang  T4-101 3620227
Counseling and Personal Growth Unit
Senior Counselor Ms. Aileen MeiLing SIU V18-101 3620210
Senior Counselor Dr. Rong KANG V18-101 3620210
Counselor Ms. Erin Yanhui WU V18-101 3620210
Counselor Ms. Grace Huimin CHEN V18-101 3620210
Counselor Ms. Jing CHEN V18-101 3620210
Counselor Ms. Monica Junru QIU V18-101 3620210
Counselor Ms. Siavon Yafen DING V18-101 3620210
Counselor Ms. Jing CHEN V18-101 3620210
Junior Counselor Ms. Eva Shan LIU V18-101 3620210
Junior Counselor Ms. Nan JIA V18-101 3620210
Junior Counselor Ms. Selene Ruixue ZHANG V18-101 3620210
Senior Administrative Assistant Ms. Ruby Juan LIU V18-101 3620210
Students' Servant Leadership Development Team 
Assistant Director Mr. Kenny Yunjian LAN T5-101 3620229
Senior Student Development Tutor Mr. Jeffrey Jianjin ZHUANG T5-101 3620218
Student Development Tutor Ms. Grace Hong GAO T5-101 3620226
Junior Student Development Tutor Ms. Penny Peiying ZHONG T5-101 3620496
Junior Student Development Tutor Ms. Snow XueXian ZHENG T5-101 3620819
Junior Student Development Tutor Ms. Sandy Yongshan YUAN T5-101 3620812
Junior Student Development Tutor Ms. Celia Chuan XIE T5-101 3620233
Junior Student Development Tutor Ms. Jenny Juanming ZHAO T5-101 3620195
Student Support Services Team
Senior Administrative Officer Ms. Joann Yan CHEN T4-203-R7-H4 3620232
Senior Administrative Assistant Ms. April Changli LIAO T4-203-R7-H2 3620230
Students and Staff Activities Center (T4 & T29)
Senior Administrative Assistant Ms. Fay Changfei TAN T4-203-R7-H3 3620221
Administrative Assistant Ms. Flavia Fangshu CHEN T4-203-R7-H1 3620544
Senior Administrative Assistant Ms. Shirley Yongshi CHEN T29-107-R4 3620498
Administrative Assistant Ms. Fiona Xiaowan FANG T29-107-R4 3620541
Students' Learning Communities Development Team( 24 Hours Hot Line:15992699031)
Senior Residence Tutor Ms. Carlee Xiaofen CHEN T4-101-R8 3620238
Residence Tutor Ms. Moon Liyue FENG T4-101-H22 3620490
Residence Tutor Mr. Jack Yi ZENG T4-101-H8 3620871
Residence Tutor Mr. Reo Huachun CHEN T4-101-H10 3620235
Residence Tutor Ms. Julia Longfang ZHU T4-101-R8 3620868
Junior Residence Tutor Ms. Benny Tingting WEI T4-101-H5 3620473
Junior Residence Tutor Ms. Ga Jienong ZHAO T4-101-H21 3620237
Junior Residence Tutor Ms. Jasmine Yupu GUI T4-101-H20 3620480
Junior Residence Tutor Ms. Summer Xuexia HUANG T4-101-H11 3620492
Junior Residence Tutor Ms. Tibi Dan WEN T4-101-H19 3620476
Junior Residence Tutor Mr. Jonathon Yaozhong YE T4-101-H18 3620869
Junior Residence Tutor Mr. Xiahang  HUANG T4-101-H7 3620488
Junior Residence Tutor Ms. Linda Yiling LIN T4-101-H9 3620865
Junior Residence Tutor Ms. Stella Xinyi LI T4-101-H14 3620236
Junior Residence Tutor Ms. Winnie Huiling ZHOU T4-101-H15 3620497
Residence Assistant Mr. Roby Ziyang WU T4-101-H6 3620615
Residence Assistant Ms. Yingqiu WANG T4-101-H1 3620697
Residence Assistant Ms. Lilian Zhe JIANG T4-101-H2 3620673
Residence Assistant Mr. Boro Baolu LIANG T4-101-H17 3620236