A.Terms of Reference

  1. To advise the Dean and the Division Board, and be responsible to the Dean and the Division Board, on programme management, quality assurance, student learning outcomes and development, etc.
  2. To make suggestions and recommendations to the Division Board on matters concerning the Programme, the Division and the provision of resources, and the budget of the programme.
  3. To discuss and manage all matters (in accordance with the protocols, procedures and various regulations and rules of the College) concerning the Programme.
  4. To initiate and introduce new programme(s) and new programme concentrations/streams etc. for accreditation.
  5. To make recommendations to the Division Board concerning the mounting and revision of courses, and changes to the study plan of the programme.
  6. To encourage and respond to students' feedback on the curriculum, teaching and learning activities.
  7. To make recommendations to the Division Board on the appointment of external examiners by Hong Kong Baptist University and on the response to comments and advice of the external examiners.
  8. To review the examination results before submission to the Division Board of Examiners.
  9. To approve student final year project proposals and to consider any matters concerning the supervision of final year projects.
  10. To advise and work closely with the Division Office on matters concerning the programme.
  11. To undertake such other functions and activities requested/assigned by the Dean and/or the Division Board.

B.Membership Composition

Chairperson: Programme Director
Secretary: To be appointed by the Chairperson
Members: Vice-President (Academic Affairs) ex officio
Associate Vice-President ex officio
Division Dean ex officio
All full-time academic staff members of the rank at or above Lecturer of the Programme, ex officio [Note: Part-time teachers, students, TAs and technicians of a specific programme may attend the meeting(s) by invitation]
Two to four student representatives from different years with priority to Yr-1, 2, and 3. The representatives shall be nominated by the programme and be elected by their own year- level students of the Programme.
Members of other collaborative programmes/centres/units, as appropriate.

C. Notes

  1. Student members shall serve for a period of 1 year from January to December, or such lesser period as the Chairperson may consider appropriate, and they shall not be eligible for reappointment. They shall not be entitled to participate in that part of meetings of the committee, which deals with reserved areas of business nor to see papers or any other documents relating thereto. The reserved areas of business are:
    1. matters affecting the admission and academic assessment of students as individuals; any other matters of a like or different nature considered by the Chairman to be reserved areas of business;
    2. the Chairperson or any person presiding over the meeting shall decide in any case of doubt whether or not a matter falls within one of the reserved areas of business and his/her decision shall be final.
  2. Each Programme Management Committee should meet at least once per semester.
  3. Quorum: Half of the full-time academic staff of a specific programme.