About Academy of Continuing Education


 In the age of the 21st century, China's economy is like other developing countries gradually moving into a knowledge Economy.  As a result, all age sectors from students to professionals are needing to sharpen their skills to advance their studies as well as their careers.


 Academy of Continuing Education (ACE) is part of United International College (UIC) and draws upon the strong caliber of UIC academic teachers and networks to support its own students in attaining their personal educational aspirations and professional goals.  ACE also shoulders the same mission as UIC in advancing the internationalization of the Chinese higher education system to nurture the noon of “lifelong learning” and meet the ever more demanding needs of the marketplace.


ACE has a range of different learning options including:

  • International education programme
  •  Overseas study examinations training programme
  • International certification training programme
  • Intensive summer programme


It has a range of formats and delivery methods. They may be:

  • Single-day events
  • Weekend classes
  • Evening classes
  • Intensive blocks of learning
  • Free classes
  • Online learning – using UIC e-learning platform
  • A mixture of the above.


ACE is as vigorous as UIC in putting great emphasis on the quality and diversity of its offerings so therefore is committed to implementing the most demanding and stringent quality assurance processes.