Classrooms and labs of the College are primarily reserved for teaching and learning activities officially scheduled on the College class timetable, but some of them are also available for booking as indoor venues for other activities or events during "free" time slots. Booking of these classrooms and labs are centrally administered by Academic Registry (AR), and UIC students should follow the following steps to lodge a booking application:
1. Download the form Application for Classroom Booking by Students and fill it out.
2. Have the application endorsed by Student Affairs Office (SAO, location: T4-101,Teaching Building Block 4) or Whole Person Education Office (WPEO, location: T4-309, Teaching Building Block 4) which supervises the relevant student organizations and their activities; for academic-related activities, please ask the teacher organizer to lodge the booking via UIC staff booking procedures. BOOKING FOR PERSONAL USE IS NOT ACCEPTED.
[N.B. For activities/events co-organized by a UIC student organization in conjunction with an external body outside the College, SAO/WPEO and the relevant student organization should be primarily responsible for supervising the activities/events.]
3. Classroom booking may be subject to a rental fee according to the following criteria:
    3.1 If the activity/event is free to the participants, there is no rental fee.
    3.2 If the activity/event charges the participants, the following Charging Scheme applies:
[N.B. In case of cancelling booking after the payment of rental fee, the applicant should inform AR at least one working day ahead of the date of classroom use and 50% paid rental fee is refundable. Otherwise, AR reserves the right not to refund any payment.]
                                                                               Charging Scheme

Classroom/Lab Type

Seating Capacity

Rental Fee for Half-Day Use
(consecutive 4 hours or less)

Rental Fee for Full-Day Use
(more than 4 hours)

Regular Classroom Type1


RMB 150/room

RMB 300/room

Regular Classroom Type 2


RMB 350/room

RMB 700/room

Regular Classroom Type 3

or above

RMB 500/room

RMB 1000/room

Lecture Hall Type 1


RMB 600/room

RMB 1200/room

Lecture Hall Type 2

or above

RMB 1000/room

RMB 2000/room

Computer Lab Type 1


RMB 600/room

RMB 1200/room

Computer Lab Type 2

or above

RMB 1000/room

RMB 2000/room

4. Submit the completed and endorsed application form in person to the Collection Box for classroom bookings placed at AR (location: AD201) at least FIVE working days in advance of the event.
[N.B. Due to the limited classroom/lab resource available, the processing of applications will be operated on a first-come-first-serve basis.]
5. Within three working days, AR will approve or reject the booking applications and provide the applicant with a Classroom Booking Reply for him/her to check the approval status of booking (availability of the venue).
[N.B. If a rental fee is required, AR will notify the applicant within two working days. Upon receipt of AR's notification, the applicant should within one working day make payment at Finance Office (FO, location: AD602) and present the payment receipt issued by FO to the AR staff member for confirmation. If payment is not made, the booking application will be rejected.]
6. The applicant should pick up the Classroom Booking Reply from the drawer on top of the collection box.
7. If approval is granted, the classroom/lab will be open for use at the specified time.
8. All room users are requested to observe and comply with the Regulations on Classroom/Lab Usage and should approach the relevant unit(s) for classroom maintenance and services if needed.