For one-off classroom booking, it can be done through the online Room Booking System. Before making an application, please read the Important Notes for Classroom Booking by UIC Staff carefully.
Please refer to following steps to make a new application:
1. Click and log in the MIS with your personal email account and password.
2. Click “Room Booking” and find “Classroom Booking”.
3. Complete the fields on the online application form and submit it at least THREE working days prior to your scheduled event/activity.
4. Check your email box for the result after your Division Dean/Unit Head’s endorsement.
5. If approval is granted, the classroom/lab will be available at the specified time.
(1) The System sets three working days at the window for your Dean/Director to handle your application after submission, the unprocessed applications will then be expired.
(2) Double booking is NOT allowed in the same time slot on the System. When your application is successfully submitted, the System has automatically reserved a classroom on the backstage. If you want to change your booking requests, you need to “withdrawal” (for pending applications) or “cancel” (for approved applications), and then re-apply.