For continual or block booking, staff can make such requests by completing a written application form. Before making an application, please read the Important Notes for Classroom Booking by UIC Staff carefully.
Please refer to following steps to make a new application:
1. Download and complete the form Application for Classroom Booking by Staff.
2. Seek your relevant endorsement before making the application.
3. Submit the completed and approved application form in person to Ms. Marina ZHANG (AD-201) or email the scanned hard copy to at least THREE working days prior to the event/activity. AR will only accept written applications for continual or block booking. Verbal application of any kind will NOT be accepted. For enquiries, please call (86-756) 3620 580.
4. AR will handle the applications within three working days and the results will be communicated via emails.
5. If approval is granted, the classroom/lab will be available use at the specified time.
If a rental fee is required, AR will notify the applicant within three working days. Upon receipt of AR's notification, the applicant should settle the payment to the Finance Office (FO) within two working days and present the payment receipt issued by FO to AR for verification and confirmation. If payment is not made, the booking application will be unsuccessful.