One on One Consultation


CDO aims to coordinate with the academic divisions and administrative offices in providing services for career preparation, further study, internship, job opportunities and government graduate services for students. In 2018 about 67.92% UIC students choose to study abroad for master degrees after graduation. As the requests for help with further study service from students and their parents is increasing, CDO seeks for more ways to meet with the demands.


In order to assist students in further study and career development after graduation from UIC, One on One Consultation Service is provided by Career Development Office (CDO).Consultation service includes “Preparation for Postgraduate Study”, “How to select the right school fits yourself the best”, “How to prepare personal statement”, and “How to prepare reference letters”, etc.


Consultation period: Tuesday to Thursday, from Week 4 to Week 13 (30 minutes each student)

Consultation venue: CDO Consultation Room (AD-501).

Registration date: 10am every Monday starting from Week 3

Registration method: The link for the real-time registration will be sent to students' mailbox before Mondays, first come first serve.


Dr. Hao SHI - Applied Economics (DBM)

Dr. Bonny YUEN - Environmental Science (DST)

Dr. Nicolas TURENNE - Data Science (DST)

Ms. Cora Marie McCain - Data Science (DST)

Dr. Maggie Tang - Social Work & Social Administration (DHSS)

Dr. Iceman LEUNG - Culture, Creativity and Management (DCC)

Mr. Alex James - English Language Center(ELC)

For more information please contact: Ms. Liang RONG (Tel: 3620455); Ms. Pian OUYANG (Tel: 3620473).