The Career Week is aimed at preparing students to make informed decisions about their future, by providing comprehensive resources, information and counselling services on career development, internships, and employment. The event highlights are showed as follows:

 Inauguration of  UIC 1st Career Mentoring Scheme

The UIC Career Mentoring Scheme is a mentoring scheme that matches professionals (mentors) with UIC students (mentees). It provides a wonderful opportunity for mentees to gain “real-world” insight and for mentors to share their wisdom.

 12 Corporate Seminars

Participated Corporates: HSBC(汇丰银行), Hilton(希尔顿), Xinli001(壹心理), Kepler Global Advisors(开普勒(深圳)投资有限公司), China Southern Airlines(南方航空), Kingsoft Season Game Studio(西山居), Kaizen(启源会计师事务所), X-Currency(极简汇率), Decathlon迪卡侬), Chiefdata Lab(岭南大数据研究院), Hoomsum(红上财富) etc.


No. Corporate Date Time Venue
1 南方航空 3月13日 15:00-16:00 T29-105
2 希尔顿 3月18日
15:00-17:00 T29-106
3 极简汇率 17:00-19:00 T29-105
4 迪卡侬 3月19日
14:00-16:00 T29-106
5 开普勒 16:00-18:00 T29-105
6 启源 3月20日
14:00-16:00 T29-106
7 格隆汇 14:00-16:00 T29-105
8 红上财富 3月21日
14:00-16:00 T29-404
9 岭南大数据 14:00-16:00 T29-106
10 JLL仲量联行 15:00-17:00 T29-105
11 壹心理 3月22日
14:00-16:00 T29-105
12 汇丰银行 16:00-18:00 T29-106


Off-Campus Career Exploration

During the career week, 4 lines of enterprise visiting will be operated, students can take this opportunity to understand the professional working environment, corporate culture and so on. This year, we will go to the By-Health(汤臣倍健), Smart Street(智造大街), 4DAGE(四维时代), Yunzhou Technology(云洲科技无人船), IFLYTEK(科大讯飞), Bee+ Baking and Joint Office area(Bee+烘焙工坊与联合办公区域) etc.


March 18: Career-oriented Making-Up Workshop

March 19: Graduate Employment Issue Workshop

March 21: Career Guidance Workshop: CV Writing

March 21: Youth Pre Employment Training Program Internship Platform Workshop

March 22: HKBU MSc in Entrepreneurship and Global Marketing and MSc in Global Marketing Management

 Sharing Session:

March 23: UIC Student Union: Internship Sharing Session

March 24: Alumni Sharing: From UIC to HUAWEI

 Mock Interview -The 4th Alumni Career Mentoring Scheme:

In this semester, alumni career mentors will give individual interview guidance to students and provide suggestions on interview and career, by conducting MOCK interview on site to let students experience and learn in practice.

Career Counselling Services

Career Counselling Services will be conducted every afternoon, from March 18 (Monday) to March 22 (Friday). Services may include resume revision, interview suggestion, further education and employment counselling, career advice and so on.

 Student Associations Events

March 21: UIC Career Development Association: CV Writing Competition

March 23: UIC Student Union: Internship Sharing Session