Professor Tang Tao, an internationally-acclaimed mathematician and Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was officially installed as UIC’s President at the Inauguration Ceremony on 25 September.

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UIC holds the Inauguration Ceremony of President Tang Tao

On behalf of Chairman of UIC Council Prof Xu Jialu, Chairman of the Council and the Court of Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) Dr Clement C.J. Chen presided over the ceremony.

Over 1000 guests ranging from UIC staff and students, to government officials as well as esteemed individuals of the education sector attended the celebration.

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Inauguration Ceremony

Pomp and Circumstance filled the University Hall as the Processional bore the Mace to mark the inauguration of President Tang Tao.

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Academic Registrar Prof Li Jianhui bears the Mace to lead the Processional

The audience and attendees rose for the playing of the national anthem as well as the college’s anthem and sang along in pride. Once the anthems were finished, Dr Clement Chen made the announcement of the appointment of Prof Tang Tao as President as of February 2019.

UIC Vice President (Students and General Affairs) Prof Zhang Cong took to the stage to give an introduction of Prof Tang in English. He listed the accomplishments and achievements that Prof Tang achieved during his life as well as mentioning that Prof Tang showed signs of his leadership throughout his career. A Chinese version of the introduction followed and was presented by UIC Vice President (Academic Affairs) Prof Chen Zhi.

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Prof Zhang Cong introduces President Tang Tao in English

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Prof Chen Zhi introduces President Tang Tao in Chinese

Dr Clement Chen then took command of the stage for the presentation of the seal of the college to President Tang.

President Tang then made his inaugural address by starting with some humour. He said “I joined this College midstream in February of this year. After seven months, I can now say with some authority just how special UIC is.”

President Tang continued with “Liberal arts education has a long tradition in the West. We are part of that proud tradition but with our own distinctive Chinese characteristics and moral dimensions that include honouring our parents”.

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President Tang Tao feels honoured

“Every institution has its own well-defined purpose. Ours is transformation through innovation—in teaching, research and devoted mentoring, and being ready to play a part in this exciting new region, in this brave new world. China is a nation with a noble purpose to give us a better country and a better world. We must be part of that purpose,” President Tang said.

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President Tang Tao is proud of UIC's tradition of being about liberal arts

He further pledged as a new leader that “UIC will always stay true to its mission, in being an internationally-oriented, nationally relevant and forward-looking college.”

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President Tang Tao says UIC will always stay true to its mission

President Emeritus of UIC Prof Ng Ching-Fai, former President of Beijing Normal University (BNU) Prof Zhong Binglin, HKBU President and Vice-Chancellor Prof Roland Chin as well as the President of Chinese Mathematical Society Prof Yuan Yaxiang gave congratulatory words after Tang’s speech.

Prof Ng Ching-Fai mentioned that in this new era, people expected that UIC was able to shoulder the mission and produce talents for the country with cultural confidence, an international vision and noble sentiments. “I believe that President Tang Tao will uphold UIC’s liberal arts education and lead the college to a new height.”

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Prof Ng Ching-Fai giving a speech

Prof Zhong Binglin extended his warmest congratulations to President Tang Tao on behalf of BNU’s party chief Mr Cheng Jianping and President Dong Qi on his appointment as the new President, adding that he admired and applauded the achievements of UIC in the past 15 years.

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Prof Zhong Binglin expresses his warm congratulations on the appointment of President Tang Tao

Prof Roland Chin spoke about Prof Tang’s history with HKBU and how he is the right guy for the job. “Within academic circles, he is held in the highest regard in Hong Kong and the Mainland, especially in the Greater Bay Area. He is exactly the right person to take over from the founding President. UIC’s second generation leadership looks just as strong and as awesome as its first.”

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Prof Ronald Chin looks forward to future cooperation between UIC and HKBU

Prof Yuan Yaxiang gave his full support and highlighted Prof Tang’s credentials by saying “President Tang Tao is an internationally renowned mathematician who has made important academic achievements in the field of computational mathematics, high-order methods and adaptive grid methods”. He went down memory lane of his past with Prof Tang Tao before returning to talk about Prof Tang’s involvement in the Greater Bay Area.

jz 15

Prof Yuan Yaxiang believes that UIC will make more contributions to China's development

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President Tang Tao with the President of Southern University of Science and Technology Professor Chen Shiyi

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President Tang Tao with some members of the Processional

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President Tang Tao and Vice President Chen Zhi with parents and alumni

Inauguration Dinner

After the Inauguration Ceremony, a full hall of guests congratulated President Tang Tao on his new post at the Inauguration Dinner.

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WeChat Image 20190926092051

President Tang Tao welcomes and thanks the guests for their presence and congratulatory messages

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Before the dinner started, Vice President of BNU Prof Zhou Zuoyu, former President of Peking University Prof Lin Jianhua, President of Southern University of Science and Technology Prof Chen Shiyi, student representative Mr Wen Can, a student’s parent Mr Cen Guoyi, and alumni representative Mr Shi Shaofeng went to stage to deliver congratulatory speeches to President Tang.

IMG 0007

Vice President of BNU Prof Zhou Zuoyu presents a painting to President Tang on behalf of BNU


Former President of Peking University Prof Lin Jianhua appreciates the inauguration of President Tang Tao


President of SUSTECH Prof Chen Shiyi shares his story with President Tang


Year 3 PRA student Wen Can says he is grateful for UIC's education


Mr Cen Guoyi speaks for the parents


Mr Shi Shaofeng, graduate of IJ 2015, represents the alumni

President Tang then gave a heartfelt vote of thanks for the presence of the guests as well as his friends. The night was concluded with President Tang’s toasts to each table of attendees.

IMG 0129

(From left) President Tang Tao, former Vice Minister of Education Prof Lu Xin and former Chairman of the Council and the Court of HKBU Mr Cheng Yan Kee


IMG 0116

IMG 0287

IMG 9983

Performces and MCs of the night


Reporters: Samuel Burgess, Deen He
Photographers: Ivy Liao, Deen He, Ben Wen, Guo Rui, Liang Xiaolan, Chen Qianyue
Editor: Lauren Richardson
(from MPRO)