During his visit to UIC on 23 April, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Zhuhai Municipal Committee and Mayor of Zhuhai, Mr Yao Yisheng, expressed his support for UIC's high-level second-phase construction that could in return, provide intellectual benefits for the accelerated development of the Zhuhai Special Economic Zone.


Mr Yao Yisheng hopes for UIC's remarkable development in second-phase campus construction

Mr Yao went on a field trip to the site that could be used for the second-phase construction. Following the field trip, UIC President Prof Tang Tao gave an introduction on the recent development of the college.

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Field trip to the second-phase site

President Tang explained that during the first 15 years of development, UIC has completed the initial layout of disciplines. With an international faculty and management system, UIC attracts better students each year, and nearly 70% of its graduates got admitted to the top universities in the world.

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Mr Yao Yisheng listens to President Tang's presentation

For the next 15 years, the College will take advantage of the excellent location in the fast-developing Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. UIC will welcome more support from the national, provincial and municipal governments while introducing more top international teaching faculty. The College will cultivate more talents that will participate in the growth of the Greater Bay Area, as well as expanding the size of the College’s campus and to work towards building a century-old college.

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Prof Tang Tao talks about UIC's development

Mr Yao emphasised that to meet the actual needs of the accelerated construction of the Greater Bay Area and the accelerated development of the Zhuhai Special Economic Zone, higher institutions like UIC have a part in better serving economic and social development.

Mr Yao pointed out that it is necessary to integrate UIC's future campus with the natural environment and characteristic old buildings. The government will further improve the transportation network, promote the deep integration of the college campus and the neighbouring ancient village, and create better conditions for the development of UIC.

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Accompanying Mr Yao were: Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Zhuhai Municipal Committee and Head of The United Front Work Department of CPC Zhuhai Committee Mr Guo Caiwu; Zhuhai Vice Mayor Mr Yan Wu; Secretary of the Zhuhai Municipal Government Mr Wu Lin; as well as essential members from municipal bureaus responsible for education, technology and innovation, human resources and social security, natural resources, finance and more.

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Visiting guests and UIC senior management