We have all witnessed the relocation of UIC new campus and celebrated the inauguration to embrace its new journey. However, something is missing: a unique UIC souvenir from you!


UIC Secretarial Office invites you to unfold your imagination and creativity in the UIC Souvenir Design Competition. The competition is sincerely co-organized by a UIC Student Entrepreneur Team, Fook Studio. We regard this competition as an opportunity for you to endow your deepest memories in UIC and for anyone who excels in designing to display your gift.


2018 UIC Souvenir Design Competition awaits your participation! It starts NOW!


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Who can participate?

All current UIC staff and students


Design requirements

Your design(s) should be:

1. One or more from the following categories. Under the same category, you may design more than one type of souvenir. The items listed below are for your reference:

1) Stationary: e.g. A4 folder, postcards, bookmark, mouse pad

2) Decoration: e.g. scroll painting, crystal trophy

3) Apparel: e.g. clothing, cap, tie, scarf, pin

4) Houseware: e.g. mug, cushion

5) Miscellaneous: e.g. canvas bag, phone case, luggage tag 

and so many more… It is all up to you!

2. Presenting the culture and elements of UIC

3. Attached with UIC badge or UIC logo and applied according to the VI Usage Guideline

4. Practical, simple and creative and be suitable for business or non-business occasions


Format Requirements

1. Please submit a soft copy of your design(s) in the format of JPG or PDF, greater than 300dpi

2. One application form for one design only. Please name your design(s) and introduce your design ideas/concepts within 200 words in the form. If needed, you can also indicate the material and size of the product. (See the Application Form)


How do I submit my artwork?

Please submit your masterpiece along with the application form as attachments to uicsouvenir@uic.edu.hk prior to 20 April 2018. 


Both e-mail and documents titled as:

“Category+ Unit (Staff)/Major (Student)+ Name”

e.g. Stationary+ SO+ Sam SMITH


Selections and Awards

1. Selections

The competition will be in 3 rounds:

1) Initial Screening: from 23 April to 25 April 2018, and nominees will be announced on 26 April

2) Online voting: from 27 April to 3 May 2018

3) Final Screening: votes by UIC staff and students will be referred and the best designs will be announced on 8 May 2018


2. Awards

1) First prize (1 person): GYM membership card with the value of RMB 1000* and a certificate

2) Second prize (3 persons): GYM membership card with the value of RMB 800* and a certificate

3) Third prize (5 persons): GYM membership card with the value of RMB 500* and a certificate

4) Honourable Mention (10 persons): 5-time GYM membership experience card*

5) A great chance to join UIC Souvenir Promotion Team to reveal your talent, and

6) Your own artwork if it can be put into production!

*Usage of GYM membership card & experience card based on GYM regulations



1. All rights reserved by the Organizer.

2. All winning artwork are copyrighted by UIC. The Organizer reserves the right to use the collected designs in producing UIC official souvenirs.

3. All designs should ORIGINAL. NO PLAGIARISM.

4. NO changes after submission.

5. Regardless of whether your work is nominated or not, the documents will NOT be returned. Please keep a copy for your record.

6. For the usage and downloading of UIC badge and logo, please refer to “UIC Visual Identity System Guidelines”:



For any questions, you are welcome to contact Connie or Tracy of SO via connielmhu@uic.edu.hk or by ext: 8347/8032.


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