Organization & Job Responsibility

Under the supervision of the Managing Director (F&A), Mr. Nelson Chan, Mr. Percy Li takes charge of the entire Finance Office. In general, the Finance Office is divided into five functional sections: Cash , Bookkeeping & Reporting, Fees Collection & Development, payroll & tax, and Budgeting Control;

  • 1、 Financial Director: Mr. Percy Li.

   Job responsibility: In charge of all finance matters.

  • 2、 Cash MGT section: Ms. Amy Luo, Ms. Ada Lao, Ms. Esther Chen,Ms. Alicial Pan

   Job responsibility: Amy is the section head and is responsible for all cash management; Ada is responsible for reimbursement and payment. Esther takes care of cashier related matters outside the office, receives and reviews reimbursement documents. Alicial is responsible for the entry of project data and bank data after payment;

  • 3、 Bookkeeping & Reporting Section: Ms. Sunshine Tian, Ms. Flora Yan, Ms. Yami Chan, Ms. Aiyu Lin, Ms. Rhine Lai, Ms. Fancy FU

   Job responsibility: Sunshine is in charge of bank bookkeeping and GL accounts management; Flora is responsible for cost and expense analysis report and cash bookkeeping. Yami is responsible for project management such as analysis report and account management. Aiyu is responsible for JG accounting treatment, invoice management, MD’s secretary and provides administrative supports to the team and other business; Fancy oversees project management and keeps the school certificate and chop;

  • 4、 Fees Collection & Development Section: Ms. Joyce Zheng , Ms. Cherry Xie

   Job responsibility: Joyce & Cherry are in charge of the tuition management and development of information system;

  • 5、Payroll & Tax Section: Ms. Karmon Luo , Ms. Krya Yang, Ms. Jasmine Qin

  Job responsibility: Karmon deals with fixed assets inspection, supervision, physical inventory and enterprise tax matters; Krya is responsible for payroll and individual tax matters;Jasmine is responsible for salary payment and tax declaration;

  • 6、Budgeting Control Section:  Mr. Ray Zeng and Mr. Ryan Ye

  Job responsibility:  Ray responsible for the the management accounting report, project feasibility analysis, annual budget preparation, financial control, follow up and management.; Ryan is the financial analyst that participates in budgeting process and management reporting, and sometimes assists to handle related matters for MD &Director.;