Name: Dr. Joseph PARK

Title and Position
Assistant professor, interim Director of New Media Communication Programme


  1. 2007/09-2012/08, Ph.D., Public Relations, College of Communication & Information Science, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA
  2. 2000/09-2002/08, M.A., Public Relations, School of Communications, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA
  3. 1990/03-1997/02, B.A., Advertising & Public Relations, Chung Ang University (Seoul, KR)

Work Experience

  1. 2016/09- Present, Assistant professor, Public Relations & Advertising Programme, BNU- HKBU United International College
  2. 2014/06/23-2014/06/26, Communication and PR director, International Super Computing Conference
  3. 2014/04/07-Present, Marketing and communication consultant, Ethiopian National Super Computer Project
  4. 2014/03/25-2014/03/27, Presenter, GTC (GPU Technology Conference, San Jose)
  5. 2013/03/01-2013/10/31, Community Relations Researcher, Korean Institute of Technology 
  6. 2012/12/010-2013/03/31, Researcher, Korean Supreme Court Public Service Promotion
  7. 2003/07/01-2007/07/01, Team manager, eBay AP - Strategy Dept.
  8. 2002/11/01-2003/03/31, Marketing Consultancy, Taylor Nelson Sofres Consumer Panel

Research Interest

  1. Outcome measurement development

‐ Introducing trust concepts to public relations exercises, particularly for conflicting information value; ‘Dimensional aspects of trust and the conceptual functionality in public relations’
‐ Understanding the dimensions of society level trust; the function of dimensional elements of social trust (discover and analyze each individual element that forms trust)
‐ Measuring trust and its contribution to relationship management; ‘Measuring trust as a primal element in relationship management’
‐ Understanding elements of relationships: ‘Constructs of relationship management’
‐Understanding elements of relationships: ‘Constructs of relationship and interaction with (social) trust in relationship management perspective’

  1. Media Influence /digital environment related

‐ Impact of public-initiated (or active public participation in) information search and its influence on cognitive media selection (loop-backing to the information search stage).
‐ Data analytical studies of publics’ information search activities and subsequent information experience regarding competition between digital and conventional media channels.

  1. Message/information relevant

‐ Impact of information complexity on audience side relevance prioritization in conflict-arising situations.
‐ Influence of objective instrumental relevance when evaluating contradictory news and information value.
‐ Impact of negativity and complexity in issue-raising situations for new business circumstances.

  1. Audience/public psychology related

‐ The use of emotion as information in information related decision making processes.
‐ The effect of public sentiment in understanding various aspects of the given agenda, information, news, and/or organizations.
‐ The effect of subjective and non-instrumental relevance that forms affective evaluative space (or evaluative behaviour) toward media, organization, and other publics.

Research and Publications

  1. Publications
  2. 2014, Young Suk C., & Joseph Joosuk P. “A Study of Consumer Emotion on Mobile/Smart Device: Utility of Emotional Response in Evaluative Space”. The Korean Ad & PR Practitioners’ Society.
  3. 2013, Sang Guen P., Joseph Joosuk P., & Hyun Yang C. “Understanding the Elements of Public Service (academic library) Brand Image: Based on Key Branding Concepts”. Korean Society for Library and Information Science.
  4. 2013, Joseph Joosuk P., Sang Guen P., & Hyun Yang C. “Developing measurement scale to measure library service image and evaluations for Public Service (academic library)”. Korean Society for Library and Information Science.
  5. 2010, Candace, W. & Joosuk, P. “Public perceptions of public relations”. Public Relations Review (36), 319‐324.
  6. 2010, Tenopir, C., Love, A., Park, J., Wu, L., Baer, A., & Mays, R. “University Investment in the Library, Phase II: An International Study of the Library's Value to the Grants Process”. Library Connect White Paper.


  1. Seminars
  2. 2014/11/20-2014/11/20, Orange Institute topic presenter – Exa-Scale system
  3. 2013/01/01-2013/03/31, Korean Institute of Better Management - Marketing PR seminar