HU Fan_副本.jpg

Name:  HU Fan

Title and Position: Ph.D., Assistant Professor


Phone number (Office): 3620838

Self-introduction (Simple):
Dr. Hu is Assistant Professor of Public Relations and Advertising at UIC. She earned her Ph.D. in Communication from Hong Kong Baptist University. She teaches courses on Research in Public Relations and Advertising, Media and Event Planning, Persuasion and Social Influence, and related subjects at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
Dr. Hu’s industry experience includes work in newspapers and advertising agencies in China and the U.S., and market and public relations research and consulting in Canada.

Research Interest:
Cognitive, emotional, and social effects of persuasive media contents, including advertising, health communication, and food-related communication

Research Grant:
UIC Research Grant (Code: R201720). Principal investigator. The relationship between food-related communication and Chinese consumers’ out-of-home eating perceptions and behaviors. 2017-present.

Selected Publications:
Journal Articles:
Shen, F., Lee, S. Y., Sipes, C., & Hu, F. (2012). Effects of media framing of obesity among adolescents. Communication Research Reports, 29(1), 26-33.
Conference Papers:
Hu, F., & Li, K. (2019, May) The guilty pleasures of out-of-home eating: Effects of food communication environment. Paper presented at the International Communication Association annual conference, Washington D.C.
Hu, F., & Zhou, D. Z. (2018, May). Presenting core foods as safe to eat? A content analysis of Chinese newspaper advertisements. Paper presented at International Communication Association annual conference post-conference, Prague, Czech Republic.

Professional Award