photo Dr. Charles wu

Name (Title): Dr. Charles Chonghan WU
Title and Position:  Assistant Professor
Phone number (Office):  0756-3620535


Charles Chong-Han Wu is the participant of the Excellent Early Career Researcher at the ISA Asia Pacific Conference, City University of Hong Kong in 2016. He received his Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of South Carolina in 2014. He also obtains a M.A. degree in Politics from New York University (2007), and a B.A. degree from National Cheng-Chi University in Taiwan (2002). Dr. Wu’s primary research focuses on how states’ interest similarity influences international cooperation and regional integration. His work has appeared in several international prestigious journals (with SSCI index), such as Asian Survey, Asian Perspective, Maryland Series in Contemporary Asian Studies, Korean Journal of International Studies, and Fudan Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences. He is working on the research project identifying the crucial elements on how major powers in Asia promote international cooperation, including the bilateral and multilateral economic agreements. In 2006, Dr. Wu worked at United Nations as an intern, and interested in instructing the Model UN activity.

Research Interest:

International relations, international organizations, international cooperation, research methodology, and East Asian studies.
Research Grant:
1. Hong Kong Baptist University-UIC: Summer Research Grant (2015)

2. Hong Kong Baptist University-UIC: Research Grant (2015-2016)

3. National Science Foundation (NSF): EITM Fellowship, Washington University in St. Louis, USA 2011
4. National Science Foundation (NSF): Fellowship, the 4th Annual Political Networks Conference and Workshops at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA 2011
5. Studying Abroad Scholarship, Two Years Research Grant, Taiwan 2009
6. Full Graduate Assistantship, the Walker Institute of International and Area Studies, University of South Carolina 2008-2014
7. Research Grant, The Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) 2008

Selected Publications:

(Book). Wu. Charles Chong-Han. 2014. Seeking Common Ground While Keeping Differences. Baltimore, MD: University of Maryland School of Law, Maryland Series in Contemporary Asian Studies.

Journal Articles:

1. Wu, Charles Chong-Han. 2019. Why Do States Hedge in East Asia? An Empirical Study on Hedging. Asian Perspective (SSCI), vol.43, no.3
2. Wu, Charles Chong-Han. 2017. “Understanding the Structures and Contents of National Interests-An Analysis of Structural Equation Modeling.” Korean Journal of International Studies, vol.15, no.3
3. Wu, Charles Chong-Han. 2017. Comparison between Democratic Peace Theory and Interest Peace Theory. In The Studies of Peace and Conflict-The Theoretical and Empirical Evidence ed. Chih-Mao Tang, Taipei: Wu-Nan Company (book chapter in Chinese)
4. Wu. Charles Chong-Han. 2016. “Alliance Commitment and the Maintenance of the Status Quo,” Asian Perspective (SSCI), vol.40, no.2 (with John Fuh-Sheng Hsieh

Conference Papers:

1. “Why Do States Hedge in East Asia? An Empirical Study on Hedging,” International Studies Association Convention-Hong Kong, The University of Hong Kong. June 14th-16th, 2017.
2. “The Shrimp Between Two Whales- Why Do Weak States Hedge in East Asia?” Taiwan Political Science Association Annual Conference, Taipei Taiwan. Oct 22nd-23rd, 2016.
3. “Power Inequality in East Asia: The Empirical Evidence and Security Implications for the Small Powers’ Hedging Behavior,” International Political Science Association World Congress, Poznan, Poland. July 23-28th, 2016.
4. “Operationalizing the Content of States’ Interests: A Structural Equation Modeling” International Studies Association Annual Conference, Toronto, Canada. March 26-29th, 2014
5. “Testing the Dyadic Theory of Conflict– A Dynamic Model of Conflict Escalation?” American Political Science Association Annual Conference, Chicago, IL. August 29-September 1st, 2013
6. “Policy Similarity and International Conflicts: Do Similar Interests Bring More Peace?” Midwest Political Science Association Annual Conference, Chicago, IL. April 10-14th, 2013

Professional Award

1. The World Congress for Korean Politics and Society: Travel Award (2017)

2. International Studies Association Convention-Hong Kong: Travel Award (2017)
3. The 5th WISC Convention, Taipei Taiwan: Travel Award (2017)

4. Excellent Early Career Research for Professional Development at the ISA Asia Pacific Regional Conference, City University of Hong Kong (2016)
5. The Walker Institute of International and Area Studies: Fellowship (2015)
6. American Political Science Association: Conference Group Travel Award (2015)