MPhil in Economics / PhD in Economics




RMB¥ 90000/year(students may assist in teaching and research work to get financial support)


Every March and September

The Division of Business and Management (DBM) has been offering seven undergraduate programmes in the fields of Accounting, Finance, Applied Economics, Human Resources Management, Marketing Management, e-Business Management and Information Systems, and Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Our new MPhil and PhD programmes offer training in state-of-the-art skills for research in the following areas:

1) Accounting and Business Management

  • Accounting
  • Taxation
  • Law
  • Finance
  • Corporate Governance
  • Business Management
  • Marketing
  • Information Technology

2) Economics

  • International Trade
  • Industrial Organization
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Development Economics
  • Econometrics and Applied Economics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Microeconomics and Mathematical Economics

Teaching and learning at UIC are conducted in English. The academic requirements of the programmes completely follow international standard for postgraduate training. The students who fulfill the graduation requirements will be rewarded MPhil/PhD degrees by Hong Kong Baptist University.

The programmes aim to 1) provide the state-of-the-art knowledge in various research areas of the discipline to students; 2) to allow students to understand the research strength of their division and on-going research projects of their professors. This would stimulate the thought of students and facilitate their development of independent research areas. Furthermore, through the discussion in individual seminars, students may obtain a better understanding of the research strength of individual faculty members. This would enhance their matching of thesis supervisor at later stage of their study.

A team of staff members with professional training in research and PhD degrees obtained from internationally recognized universities will be responsible to supervise the students’ research projects and to teach the related research courses in their fields of study. In addition, visiting professor in the field of accounting, finance, economics, and business from Hong Kong and oversea universities will be invited to deliver research workshops to our students in the programmes.

Admission Requirements:
Applicants seeking admission to the PhD programme should possess:
    a)  a Master’s degree from a recognized university or comparable institution; or
    b) a Bachelor’s degree with First Class Honours from a recognized university or comparable institution; or
    c)  any other qualification deemed to be acceptable for this purpose.
Candidates under c) may be required to take a qualifying examination, in which event their progress shall be reported to the GS at the end of their first year of study.


Applicants seeking admission to the MPhil programme should possess:
 a) a Bachelor’s degree with Honours from a recognized university or comparable institution; or
  b) a qualification deemed to be equivalent; and shall, if required, satisfy the examiners in a qualifying examination.
Normally, only First and Second Class Honours graduates will be considered to have met the admissions criterion under a). Graduates with Third Class Honours degrees, with a period of relevant work experience and satisfactory results in the qualifying examination, may also be considered.

Language Requirements:
Applicants whose first language is not English, or previous degrees not obtained with English as medium of instruction are required to prove their language abilities by means of performance in any one of the tests below:


Minimum requirement

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

550 (PBT)/79(IBT)

International English Language Testing System (IELTS)



Students are required to take an English proficiency test upon commencement of study to determine whether and which level of remedial English courses is required and pass the threshold standard in relevant international English proficiency test before their oral examination.

For MPhil programme students:
Minimum of 12 units of coursework (including three units of Mandatory Common Core Courses*).
For PhD programme students:
Minimum of 22 units of coursework (including three units of Mandatory Common Core Courses*). Applicant with a relevant Master’s degree may be exempted from 3 units of coursework.
All course and instructions will be delivered in English.
Both MPhil and PhD students need to achieve a minimum GPA score of 2.67 to be considered satisfactory fulfilment of coursework requirement.
 * Remark: the Mandatory Common Core Courses will be taken in Hong Kong Baptist University.

To enable research postgraduate students to focus on their studies and facilitate their research endeavors and professional development, financial support will be offered based on academic merit and/or experience. In return, students may be required to assist in teaching and research work, also as a supplement to their courses of studies.
     a) Studentship and Stipend
Studentship is intended to help cover daily subsistence, tuition fees and other expenses that research postgraduate students may incur during their study. Stipend is offered to selected number of students who demonstrate outstanding performance.

  • Full Studentship with stipend

Full tuition waiver with a yearly stipend of RMB 60,000 (RMB 5,000 per month) for PhD student; RMB 48,000 (RMB 4,000 per month) for MPhil student. Student has to act as Teaching Assistant (TA) to earn this living stipend. The workload is up to 10 hours per week, maximum number of work hours capped at 300 hours per year. The supervisors may provide other subsidies if the student acts as Research Assistant (RA).

  • Half Studentship with stipend

Half tuition waiver (i.e. half of the tuition is waived). The supervisors may cover the other half. Student has to act as TA to earn a yearly stipend of RMB 60,000 (RMB 5,000 per month) for PhD student; RMB 48,000 (RMB 4,000 per month) for MPhil student. The workload is up to 10 hours per week, maximum number of work hours capped at 300 hours per year. The supervisors may provide other subsidies if the student acts as RA.
      b) Visiting Scheme
This scheme aims at encouraging students to stay at HKBU to take coursework and undertake research as part of their thesis work. The allowances for each of MPhil and PhD students are HKD 3,000 per month for a maximum stay of 6 months.
      c) Research Allowances
Both PhD & MPhil students are entitled research allowances to cover 1) research-related travel; 2) conference attendance; 3) data collection; 4) purchase of books and other research materials not available at UIC Learning Resource Centre; 5) professional thesis editing, during the entire study period.

You need to prepare the below documents:

  • Application form (Please fill the form at, choose Research Postgraduate Programme - MPhil & Ph.D. and print out for submission)
  • Two confidential recommendation forms (Complete the online confidential recommendation forms from the HKBU Graduate School On-line Application System)
  • Justification letters from the principal supervisor and the co-supervisor
  • CV of the applicant
  • Research proposal (in English)
  • Copy of graduation diploma and degree diploma  (both undergraduate and postgraduate)
  • Official transcripts (both undergraduate and postgraduate)
  • English proficiency test reports (TOEFL, IELTS or CET 6)
  • Copy of ID card (copy of passport for non-Chinese)
  • Any other supporting documents (publications, awards, patent, etc.)

Email the scanned copies of the above documents to for application