A total of 1095 students graduated from UIC this year. Many of them celebrated with their families and friends at the 8th Graduation Ceremony and five prominent individuals were conferred Honorary Fellowships on 25 June.

Graduation Ceremony

UIC prepared a temporary tent with air conditioners to protect those present from the sweltering heat. Live streaming of the ceremony was also provided for graduates’ relatives and friends.

UIC President Prof Ng Ching-Fai sent his hearty congratulations in his address to the graduates. “I hope you will become someone who represents the motto of our college: ‘In knowledge and in deeds, unto the whole person.’ I expect you to become the kind of person who possesses a broad range of knowledge, high ambitions and a firm belief in your pursuit of truth,” President Ng said.

President Ng Ching-Fai hopes the graduates will become someone who represents the college motto: "In knowledge and in deeds, unto the whole person."

He added that UIC’s graduates should make contributions as a citizen to the development of their communities as servant leaders.

The ceremony consisted of three sessions for graduates from different programmes. Vice President Prof Zee Sze Yong presented them with graduation certificates at the first and third sessions, and Vice President Prof Zhang Cong did his part at the second session. Deans of the three divisions, Prof Mei-hwa Sung, Prof Stephen Chung and Prof Stella Cho, handed out graduation booklets, My Days at UIC, as a souvenir to the graduating students.

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Singing the college anthem 


Prof Zee Sze Yong presents a graduation certificate26

President Ng Ching-Fai with a graduate27

Prof Zhang Cong presents a graduate with a certificate

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Deans of the three divisions, Prof Stella Cho, Prof Mei-hwa Sung and Prof Stephen Chung, hand out graduation booklets

“University life here is both challenging and rewarding,” Li Huiyi majoring in Accounting Programme mentioned during her valedictory speech. “We strongly endorse the UIC mission of guiding its students in achieving a ‘whole-person’ and ‘liberal arts’ education, which represents a search for knowledge, a quest for truth, and most importantly, the commitment to achieving these ideals.”

Wang Xinshuang from the TESL programme gives a graduation speech

Honorary Fellowship Conferment

Presided over by President Ng, UIC conferred Honorary Fellowships on five distinguished individuals in the fields of music, business, aerospace science and technology, materials science, and new energy this year.

They were Mr Dai Yuqiang, China’s No 1 tenor; Mr Tim Lui Tim-Leung, Senior Advisor of PricewaterhouseCoopers Hong Kong and former President of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants; Prof Ouyang Ziyuan, member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the first chief scientist of China’s lunar explorations; Prof Sir John Meurig Thomas, an outstanding chemist and Honorary Professor of Materials Science at the University of Cambridge; and Mr Ye Jianming, Chairman of the Board of Directors at CEFC China Energy Company Limited. Prof Sir John Meurig Thomas was absent from the ceremony due to health issues.


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                                                 Mr Dai Yuqiang  Mr Tim Lui Tim-Leung


President Ng Ching-Fai confers an Honorary Fellowship on Prof Ouyang Ziyuan


Mr Ye Jianming

The Honorary Fellowship is an honour bestowed on distinguished contributors to the mission of UIC for their sustained commitment to the development of education and society.

Encouraging the students to learn from the Honorary Fellows, President Ng added, “They are invaluable assets to UIC and role models that will inspire you in your endeavour for success.”

Prof Ouyang Ziyuan delivered a vote of thanks, saying: “Being the Honorary Fellows of UIC gives us the opportunity to witness the continued development of this new model university. We would love to dedicate ourselves to its growth.”37

Prof Ouyang encourages the graduates to work tirelessly and seek avidly to contribute to society and the world


(From left) Ye Jianming, Prof Ouyang Ziyuan, President Ng Ching-Fai, Tim Lui and Dai Yuqiang


Honorary Fellows at a press conference before the ceremony

Bright future

As at the beginning of June, around 60% of the graduates have chosen to continue their studies in various institutions. Almost 200 of them have received offers from top notch universities, including the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Johns Hopkins University, the University of Pennsylvania, University College London, McGill University, Nanyang Technological University, the University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Baptist University.


Other students made different decisions. Some have been employed by the Big Four accounting firms and other major enterprises, some are planning to start up a business, and others decided to become teaching volunteers in the countryside.

Johnny Lee, a Finance student from South Korea decided to begin his professional career in his home country. He thinks he has improved his English at UIC as the college provided him with a precious chance to broaden his horizon in America as an exchange student.

The mother of Government and International Relations student Zheng Yuchen mentioned that her daughter has changed her character and become more open-minded and enthusiastic about studying. She added, “UIC is an international college and its open and free academic environment is incomparable with other colleges in mainland China. It really helps students develop the ability to think independently.”


42Graduates and their family members

Reporter: Jiang Yilang (IJ, Year 2)
Photographers: Vivi Xie, Lancy Zhang, Wang Xiaopeng, Liang Jianhao, Deen He
Editor: Deen He
(from MPRO, with special thanks to the ELC)