All full-time academic staff who have at least two years of full-time service at the College are eligible for application/nomination to the Selection Panel.


Eligible academic staff can apply via one of the two routes:

(1)                 Submit his/her application directly to the Selection Panel.

(2)                 To be nominated by the Division/Course Offering Unit to which he/she is affiliated.

Each Division/Course Offering Unit can nominate up to two academic staff from within its Division/Course offering Unit to the Selection Panel.

All nominations / applications are to be considered equally in the assessment for selection.

The nomination/application form is attached in a separate file.

Document Submission for Selection

Each applicant has to submit the following documents, both in soft and hard copies:

  • · An up-to-date CV (up to 3 pages)
  • · A teaching portfolio including a statement of teaching philosophy with specific reference made to the selection criteria (up to 5 pages for the teaching statement and up to 10 pages for the supporting documents, e.g. evidence-based materials showing the impact of the nominee’s excellent teaching leading to achievement of students’ learning outcomes, record of Teaching and Learning Evaluation scores for at least 2 years, etc.)

A summary report for service (maximum 1000 words)