Selection Criteria

  1. A genuine care and concern for students’ performance and development, for example:-
  • · being responsive to student feedback
  • · devoting time to meet students outside the classroom for discussion and counseling
  • · careful design and assessment of student assignments
  1. An adoption of learner-centered approaches; an ability to engage and inspire students; superior classroom teaching which may include:-
  • · demonstration of a good understanding of pedagogy
  • · adoption of suitable teaching and assessment approaches to enhance student learning outcomes
  • · an ability to interact with students and engage them in learning with enthusiasm
  • · an ability to inspire students with respect to their diverse learning needs and to help students in building confidence and capability (including critical thinking, analytical skills, values, etc.)
  1. Excellence in course/programme/curriculum design that reflects a command of the field, which may include:-
  • · demonstrating up-to-date knowledge of the field of study in the design of the curriculum and student learning resources (e.g., textbooks, e-learning resources)
  • · adopting complementary research-informed teaching practices developing and adopting innovative approaches to teaching and assessment which can facilitate students’ achievement of the learning outcomes
  1. Past/present achievement(s) and leadership in teaching and potential scholarly contribution to and impact on the development of effective teaching practice within the institution and/or in other institutions, which may include:-
  • · demonstrating educational research and innovations in the field of study
  • · demonstrating leadership in the promotion of teaching excellence within the institution and/or in other institutions
  1. Dedication and commitment to serve the College and the Division/Unit.
  1. Active involvement in public service, professional community, and the community at large, which helps to raise the academic standing of the College (remunerative consultancies/services shall not be considered).