ITSC Organization Chart

itsc ochart 20170828

Services and Responsibilities

ITSC consists of six functional sections: User Services Section, Network Section, System & Server Section, Software Development Section, E-learning Section and Training section.

The major responsibilities and service scopes for each individual section are outlined as follows:


User Services Section

    • Manages and maintains entire campus IT equipment including audio/video equipment for offices, classrooms, conference rooms and computer laboratories.
    • Manages campus-wide system and application software licenses.
    • Distributes and manages all staff office computers.
    • Provides PC support including both hardware and software to staff and students.
    • Provides IT supports and hotline services .
    • Liaises with academic, teaching support and administrative units/divisions on all IT-related matters.
    • Plans and budgets campus-wide IT infrastructures and related facilities.


Network Section

    • Designs, implements, monitors, and optimizes entire campus network system including remote and wireless network access.
    • Manages and maintains the entire campus telephone system.


System & Server Section

    • Manages and maintains campus-wide servers including system, application and internet-related servers such as proxy servers, firewalls, e-mail gateways, etc.
    • Manages and maintains campus email system including all campus users internet access and email account.
    • Provides services and supports of web spaces for e-learning.
    • Set up and maintains system-level software for all servers.
    • Provides daily operations and databases back-ups for all servers.

Software Development Section

    • Designs, develops and maintains campus-wide application software for information integration and streamline administrative operations.
    • Develops and manages the campus academic registry system.
    • Provides campus web site hosting and webmaster services.
    • Provides web pages design, support and development for all units and divisions.
    • Provides graphic design for campus poster, banner, brochure,etc.


e-Learning Section

  • Assist the staff and student using the e-learning platform
  • Assist the staff in establishing the course and importing the students
  • Troubleshoot and maintenance of e-learning platform
  • Provide the training course for staff and students
  • Answering the questions related to e-learning
  • iSpace course setup and maintenance