1. Objectives

    To provide staff and students a borderless teaching, learning and working environment where oversea conference, student admission, staff recruitment, distance education will not be restricted from travel costs and time limitations constrain.
  2. Eligible Borrowers

    All currently employed staff are eligible for loaning the VC Facilities for official purposes.
  3. Video Conferencing Facilities

    The facilities consist of a 42'' plasma television and a Polycom HDX8004 XLP package with Camera, Microphone and remote control. The service is available in F403 only.
    Video Conferencing FacilitiesVideo Conferencing Facilities 2
  4. Availability and Time Limits

    4.1 VC facilities are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Booking shall be made SEVEN working days in advance of the scheduled event;
    4.2 Users must be responsible for the venue (F403) booking, please refer to ISO venue booking procedures.
    4.3 The loaning request for official matters shall be approved by both unit/division head and ITSC;
    4.4 The maximum loan period is one day.
  5. Charges and Indemnity

    Replacement charges: User assumes full financial responsibility for loan equipment. The minimum replacement charge for a lost item is 200% of its purchased rate.
  6. User Responsibilities

    6.1 Users shall schedule a date and time at least one working day prior to the event, with participating parties and ITSC for equipment testing;
    6.2 The person who checked out the equipment must be fully responsible for any loss or damage to the equipment. Do not loan it to anyone else.
    6.3 Users shall provide communication information such as IP address, protocol and etc of the participating parties;
    6.4 Users shall keep the facilities in good working condition, do not change any settings and configuration for the system without ITSC authorization.
    6.5 The equipment must not leave unattended.
  7. VC Facilities Loaning Procedures

    VC Facilities Loaning Procedures
  8. Minimum Requirements for Remote Sites

    8.1 Video Conferencing System that supports both  H.323 and H.263 protocols.
    8.2 Remote IP address
    8.3 ADSL: 2MB or dedicated network for video conference.
  9. Forms and User Guide

9.1 Facility & Venue Booking Form
9.2 Facility & Venue Booking Form APPENDIX 1(for VC details)
9.3 Video Conferencing Equipment User Guide
9.4 Video Conferencing Equipment User Guide(CHS)
9.5 How to Use Video Conferencing Equipment_PPT