Q1. How to Reset Password?

There are two ways to reset your password for UIC IT systems.

  • Online via New Portal (p.uic.edu.hk);
  • In person with ID (i.e. Student Card, Staff card) at ITSC office.

1. Before you try to use the function “Forgot password” on the new portal, you need to add a trusted phone number to your profile.

1.1  Login to the new portal (https://p.uic.edu.hk). At the top right corner, click on the downward arrow to expand the menu. Then, click Profile.

 Reset Password 1

1.2 Input your phone number (only numbers provided by China telephone suppliers supported). Click Send Code and a verification code will be sent to your phone via SMS. Enter the code and then confirm.

Reset 2

After your phone number is added, you may use "Forgot Password" on the new portal login page to reset your password when needed.

2. Reset Password

2.1 Visit the new portal (https://p.uic.edu.hk), click Forgot Password.

Reset Password 3

2.2 Input your UIC account.

Reset Password 4

2.3 Do the verification by dragging the slider to the left to complete the puzzle.

Reset Password 5

2.4 Re-enter your trusted phone number. Click Send Code and enter the verification code you received via SMS. Then click Next to proceed.

Reset Password 6

2.5 Enter your new password and click Confirm to proceed.

Reset Password 7

2.6 Successful password reset confirmation.

Reset Password 8

3. Visit ITSC in Person

You may go to the ITSC office during office hours to request for password reset. Please bring your student card / staff card (with photo) with you.