1. Eligible Applicant

Application is only open for unit, division, clubs and associations promotion activities and events, not for individual purpose:

  • 1.1. Division/Unit
  • 1.2. Student Union and Association

2. Coverage

Approved desktop wallpaper would be published and displayed randomly in all public computer areas on campus.

3. Published Image Requirement

3.1. The image size should not be over 500 KB.
3.2. The image file must be in JPG format.
3.3. The dimension of image should be maintained in 1920(length) x 1080(width) pixels.
3.4. Using at least 8 bits colour in the image.
3.5. By default left side of the desktop screen is for shortcut icon display; please leave 300 pixless at left side of the image blank if possible.
3.6. By default the bottom of the desktop screen is for taskbar; please leave 100 pixels at the bottom of the image blank if possible.
3.7. The designed image must be as simple as possible; avoid dazzling colours in the image.
3.8. The event or activity details such as contact information must be clearly specified in the wallpaper image.
3.9. The advertised image should not contain any commercial promotion contents.

4. Availability and Time Limits

4.1. Please submit the application at least three working days in advance before the requested date.
4.2. The publishing period shall be no more than 7 days.

5. Duties and Responsibility

5.1. ITSC shall be solely responsible for publishing the desktop wallpaper for general access computer labs.

5.2. ITSC reserves the right to reject or terminate any inappropriate pictures or contents for publishing.

5.3. ITSC reserves the right to terminate any approved application if there is an important announcement needed to be published on desktop.

5.4. Only one promotion activity is allowed in one time slot. In case of any time conflict between applications, ITSC reserves the right to make the final decision.

5.5. Any SAO associated organization's application needs to be approved by SAO. SAO will be responsible for verification of the published contents.

5.6. ITSC will not be responsible for any image enhancement and modification. If the image quality or effect does not meet the requirements, ITSC will advice the applicant to change the image otherwise ITSC has the right to reject or terminate the application.

5.7. The publishing will be automatically terminated after the expiry date. An application needs to be resubmitted if extension of publishing is required.

5.8. ITSC will not involve or undertake responsiblities for any matter related to the advertised events or activities.

6. User Responsibility

6.1. Applicant must ensure the published image meeting the minimum requirements.

6.2. Applicant must be self responsible for the image quality, display effect and modification of image.

6.3. Any pornographic contents are strictly prohibited.

6.4. No commercial events or advertisements are allowed.

6.5. Applicant should be solely responsible for any issue raised or caused by the advertised event or activity.

6.6. Applicant must agree and obey the above terms and conditions

7. Application Procedures


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