User Responsibility

  1. All loan items are solely for legitimate academic and administrative requirements.
  2. Borrower assumes full responsibility for the loan items. Any damage or loss caused to loan items will be invoiced to the borrower.
  3. Borrower shall take all the reasonable steps to maintain the loan items in good working conditions.

Collection and Return

  1. All applications are processed on a first- come, first -served basis. Reservation may be applied to some loan items, please check with ITSC staff for details.
  2. Borrower (or its authorized representative) shall collect and return the loan item personally from/to ITSC office. ITSC will not be responsible for delivery of any loan items.
  3. Loan period varies depending on the item borrowed. The loan period for all IT equipments is generally no more than 4 weeks.
  4. Long term loan request (max. one semester) requires a justification by ITSC.
  5. Items in demand may be recalled before the agreed return date. Borrower shall return the recalled items when requested to do so.
  6. Borrowers shall return the loaned items at the agreed time during office hours (8:30hrs-17:30hrs, weekdays). Extension of the loan period is subject to ITSC approval.
  7. 10. Borrower shall never leave loan items unattended on the staff desk when returning it. A Proof-of-Return receipt will be signed by ITSC staff and given to the borrower when all the loan items are returned and verified.
  8. All the data storage media will be refreshed once returned. ITSC will not be responsible for any lost, erased and damaged data.
  9. All loan items must be returned no less than 5 working days before each semester ends for audit checking.

Rules and Regulation

  1. Borrower shall refer to the rules and regulations for borrowing the loan items.
  2. Never leave the loan items unattended at any time.
  3. Borrower needs to remove all the personal data from the borrowed storage media before returning. ITSC will not be responsible for any leakage of confidential data from the loan equipments.
  4. Borrower is solely responsible for management of all personal data or information including backup, lost or corrupted by the virus and leakage from the load system.
  5. For notebook computer borrower:
    • Do not save data to the hard drive of notebook since it will be deleted automatically when the notebook freezes up, restarted or turned off. Notebook will be refreshed after each use, so no data stored on the hard drive can be recovered. Users need to save their data to their personal storage media such as USB flash drive.
    • Do not attempt to install any unlicensed or pirated software application on the notebook.
    • Do not visit unknown websites or open any suspicious attachments.
    • No software from the notebook can be transferred, duplicated or copied.
    • For projector borrower: Do please handle the projectors carefully especially the lenses of the projector with extra care.


  1. ITSC reserves the right to reject the borrowing request if the applicant is deemed to:
  2. Repeatedly delay in returning the loan items without any valid reasons.
  3. Repeatedly cause damage or loss to the loan items.


Any damage or loss caused to loan items shall be reported to ITSC immediately. Borrower assumes full financial responsibility.

  1. Charges for missing items: The minimum replacement charges apply to the following items: notebook computer (¥8000), projector (¥9,000) and projector screen (¥2,000).
  2. Charges for missing accessories: The minimum charges apply to the following items: notebook computer case (¥300) and power adapter (¥200); projector’s remote controller (¥600) and its power and VGA cables (¥100).
  3. Repair Charges: If any repair is necessary, the borrower will be charged for the full repair cost.

The rules and regulations herein are subject to change without prior notice.