Websites setup service

Service Overview

ITSC provides the service of designing and constructing websites for the whole college and each unit/division.

  • Provide technical support for designing the UIC websites.
  • Units Website services: To assist each unit/division to set up their own website at a short time, ITSC will set up a standard style web templates for each Unit/divison and the website content will be edited and updated by the person in charge of each unit/division.

Website Application Procedure:

Website setup regulation

  • ITSC only provides website setup service for the college,  teaching divisions and administrative units but does not provide personal website service. 
  • If you have any specific teaching needs for your website, please state it in the "Website Application Form", and submit related plan of website content in the form of electric document.
  • Normally the applied website can be available in 15 weekdays. The completion date for the websites with specific requirement varies based on the quantity of the website content.
  • Website setup service is not open to students. The website application for students interest club can be counseled in SAO.

Website Maintenance

  • Please use the unit/division account to update the web page;
  • Any updates to a web page should be approved by unit\division head before being published;
  • If you have not got the account, contact ITSC Staff (Ms. Coco Lin,

Graphic Design Service

  • A unit/division/student interest club need to fill out the "Graphic Design Job Application Form", and get signed by the unit/division head and submit it to ITSC.
  • Confirm the requested time with ITSC staff.
  • Wishes to make changes/objections/corrections to the deliverable shall be made in written to ITSC and no more than 3 times allowed to make before the finished design.