Campus network is an important medium for teaching and learning. The appropriate and effectual allocation of network resources can strongly influence the campus network quality. Our campus network adopted the internet leased line technology to provide internet services to all campus staff and students. Currently we incorporate the internet providers China Telecom with 200M bandwidth and China Unicom with 220M bandwidth for network flow share and redundancy backup to ensure the connectivity and reliability of the network access in campus.

The network can be divided into three layers: core layer, distribution layer and access layer.

The core layer of the network is constructed by two Cisco core switches with firewall to enable the internet connection for campus users. All messages from the core node will be distributed through each distribution node.This will provide a high bandwidth IP exchange channel. The core switches also have the redundancy backup capability, it will automatic switch to the other switch when the main switch does not function.This will ensure the stability and connectivity of the network.

At the distribution Layer, the high-performance H3C switch is used to provide high density user access. The interfaces can also be deployed for interconnection with the core equipment to further improve the quality of the campus network.

The access layer using numbers of 100M switches such as H3C, 3Com and etc interconnect a gigabyte link to the distribution layer. All switches adopt the STP protocol to avoid any network congestion and provide a more comprehensive access control and extensive network services.

The optical fiber cable also lay between the campus and the student cultural village as well as the new student hostel, to provide a speedy network for student to access the campus resources.