Opening Hours

Computing Centre provides computers and printers for staff and students to use. There are one computing centre in main campus, F204 and two in New SHCV, 3-202 and 4-102. The opening hours are:

Monday-Friday: 08:00 - 21:00
Saturday: 09:00 - 17:30

The center is closed on Sundays and ALL public holidays except for special arrangement. Any changes of opening hours will be informed in advance.

Authorized Users

Only UIC staff and students are allowed to use the center.

Usage Of Computing Center

  • Maintain center cleanliness, tidiness and quietness. Strictly no Food, beverages, spitting or littering in the center at all time. Keep your workstation tidy, place umbrellas in the holder rack near the front desk. Shouting and yelling are also prohibited.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited. Do not meddle with any cables, switches and fire extinguisher in the center.
  • Users are prohibited from changing or removing any existing equipment connection such as network cable, power plug etc. Please report to the front desk if you have any queries or requests.
  • Do not switch off or adjust the air conditioning without permission. Please check with the front desk or security guard for adjusting the temperature.
  • Seat occupying is prohibited. Any items found in front of the idle computer will be treated as lost property. ITSC will not be responsible for any personal property lost in the center.
  • Users are advised to use the standard software provided by the center. Installing or executing any unauthorized software is strictly prohibited.
  • Compute games, watching movies and videos are not allowed at any time.
  • Users are prohibited from surfing, downloading, duplicating and distributing pornographic and other undesirable websites on the internet.
  • Any attempt to circumvent system security, virus attacks or in any way gain unauthorized access to local or network resources is strictly forbidden.
  • All users must follow the proper procedure when shutting down the computer.
  • Do not remove any property from the center otherwise this will be regarded as theft.