This is the quick guide for using the IP phone.


Language Setting

You can perform the following steps to set the language:

  • On the home screen, choose Apps > System > Language.
    The Language screen is displayed.
  • Select a language and press Select.

Placing a Call




Internal Call (extension number):

8 + last 3 digits of Campus office phone number

ITSC hotline: 3620315


Local Call (within Zhuhai area)

9+【Phone Number】

Social Insurance Hotline: 12333

Dial: 912333

Domestic Call (Within mainland China)

9+【Area code】+【Phone Number】

Shanghai area code: 021

Shanghai tel: 12345678

Dial: 902112345678

Domestic Mobile Calls (Within mainland China)



Dial: 9013800001234

International Call*

9+00+【Country Code】+【Area Code】+【Oversea Phone Number】

Australia country code : 61, Sydney area code: 02

Dial: 90061212345678

Note: International Call (IDD) is NOT activated by default. Approvals from the unit head and Managing Director (FPD) are required for IDD activation. The form can be download from,


  • Call history can be found in the History.
  • When call back to a missed external calls or being required to add O to a mobile phone number, you may select the number, press the More softkey-> Edit Dial softkey to edit the number. 


Call Transfer

During a call, you can transfer the call to a third party.

  • Press Transfer Button or the Transfer softkey
  • Enter an internal number (ext. No)
  • Press Transfer Button or the Done softkey to transfer a call.


Call Hold

During call hold, the two parties in the call cannot hear each other.

Holding a call

  • press hold button (or the HOLD softkey)to hold the call.

Resuming a call

  • press hold button again (or press Resume softkey) to resume the call.


Call Forward

Forward all calls to a specified number.

To Activate:

  • Pick up the handset.
  • Dial *57*phone number# (for external phone number, please add 9. E.g, *57*913612341234#) and then press Call softkey or OK.

To Cancel:

  • Pick up the handset.
  • Press *57* # and then press Call softkey or OK.

Forward the incoming calls when there has been no answer for 20 seconds.

To Activate:

  • Pick up the handset.
  • Press *41*phone number# (for external phone number,please add 9. E.g, *41*913612341234#) and then press Call softkey or OK.

To Cancel:

  • Pick up the handset.
  • Dial *41* # and then press Call softkey or OK.


DND (Do Not Disturb)

  • After the DND function is enabled, all incoming calls are automatically rejected. However, user can still make calls.
  • On the LCD screen, choose Apps > Preferences > Call Settings > DND > local DND > Incoming call rejected.