1.Download WeChat Work

Support for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac four platforms, PC and mobile messages can be synchronized in real time, and easy to find at any time by saving in the cloud. Now, start downloading the latest version of WeChat Work and experience a whole new working style.
Click to download


2.Activate and Join

  1. Open WeChat Work, choose WeChat login, complete the login authorization.
  2. Complete your profile, enter your mobile phone number and your work email account number.
  3. Enter a SMS verification code or email verification code.
  4. Successfully join your business and start using WeChat Work.


3.Invite Students to join

After you've joined the business successfully, you can click the “+”sign in the upper right corner of the message list and invite students to join through “Add WeChat”.


Send invitations to your WeChat workgroup or to your colleagues.


Once the person invited opens your invitation link and chooses to join the business, download WeChat work to use it.


E-version https://open.work.weixin.qq.com/wwopen/helpguide/index?t=staffView


4.Sameas WeChat, ready-to-use

  1. Same as WeChat interface and without any learning costs.
  2. Support the sending of messages, voice, pictures, emesis, red packets.
  3. WeChat chat history and subscriptions can be forwarded to WeChat Work.

5.Contact us

Any questions or suggestions can be submitted in Help & Feedback. You can also find solutions forhot questions in the Help.