1、Download and Install


2、Activate and join

  • Open Wechat work, join in using your wechat account.
  • Complete your personal info, phone number and work email.
  • Put your code from from wechat work (phone message or email).
  • Once you join your organization, you can start using wechat work

You need to scan this QR code to join UIC wechat work group:

(tips: If you wish to create your own wechat group, please look for it)

3、Invite students to the group

Once you join the group, you will see a plus sign on the top right side of the message list. You can invite your colleagues through wechat.

Invite your students through wechat group.

When the students open your invitation link, they can follow the directions and download the app

4、Create a group for class

After the students have joined wechat work, you can create a group for the class.


Share yourscreenifyouneed

Youwillseelike this: Clickthe“停止演示”,toquitshareyourscreen.