Campus network becomes a critical factor in our campus daily operations. To develop a secure and efficient server room is a top priority task for ITSC. Therefore in mid 2008, UIC invested more than ¥1,000,000 to set up our first server room, and its objective was to ensure a stable and reliable campus network.

The server room is designed and developed as a static free, electromagnetic disturbances and emanations free environment.

A security and access system is installed for limited access to server room, only relevant ITSC staff are allowed to access the room. In addition to the physically secured room, all devices level and system software are password protected.

There are more than 10 servers located in the room; these servers are responsible for providing services and data storage for the campus daily operations. To protect our servers, the room has been equipped with the following system to maintain the functionality of the servers:

The redundant, scalable UPS and power distribution systems are available to provide adequate power protection and branch circuits to accommodate the increasing power needs.
The air conditioning system provides adequate cooling for the server room.
The fire safety of the room has been inspected by Zhuhai fire station authority. Smoke detector, extinguish, emergency switch and all other required fire protection system have been installed.