1. Installation
  2. Connection
  3. Recording and live broacasting
  4. To view


  1. Q:Do I need to install Panopto Client to watch Panopto videos?
    A:Panopto Client is only installed by teachers to record videos and live broadcast. TA and students do not need to install Panopto Client.You can directly access at https://ispace.uic.edu.hk to watch videos and broadcast.
  2. Q:Does ipad or iphone have the Panopto app?
    A:Ipad or iphone can search for panopto in App Store to install the app.
  3. Q:Can Mac OS install Panopto Client?
    A:MacOS can install Panopto Client, but does not currently support versions above 10.10.
  4. Q:Does Panopto support Linux?
  5. Q:What software environment supports Panopto?
    Windows: windows7 or above,needs to install.net
    Memory - 4GB RAM
    Storage - Standard Quality: 135MB per hour. High Quality: 540MB per hour
    Applications - Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 and above (only if recording presentations). Click-to-run PowerPoint is now supported as of Panopto for Windows 6.0. Note: some custom fonts may not be supported.
    Anti-virus Exclusions: (These will work for machines running the Remote Recorder and/or the Windows Recorder)
    Folders (defaults) and all subfolders under the specified folders to exclude from anti-virus scans: 
    C:\Program Files\Panopto\Recorder
    C:\Program Files\Panopto\Remote Recorder
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Panopto\Recorder
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Panopto\Remote Recorder
    If you changed these folders from the defaults, then exclude the new folders
    Processes to exclude: Recorder.exe and RemoteRecorder.exe
    Services to exclude: PanoptoRecorderService and PanoptoRemoteRecorderService
    Video Devices Supported - USB webcams, DV/CAT5/analog camcorders. HDMI and VGA capture devices. Analog video devices that output S-Video or composite AV. Digital pen tablets and white boards
    Audio Devices Supported - Wired and wireless microphones (using the computer’s mic jack). USB audio devices (such as the Blue Yeti USB or component to USB). Audio devices that use a PC AV capture card


  1. Q:Why can't I log in through the Panopto client?
    A:Because Panopto needs the permission of the Teacher in the ISPACE to log in (TA does not have this permission). If it cannot log in, please check the permission of the iSpace course.
  2. Q:If I am a teacher, how can I manage my Panopto video?
    A:Please enter iSpace and then enter the management background of Panopto through Course Setting on Panopto Block.
  3. Q:How to create a folder with permissions set to visible only to yourself in panopto?
    A:After creating a new video library, click settings on the top right → set in the shared tab bar.
  4. Q:Panopto recorder login failed.
    A:Click iSpace at the top of the software interface to log in.
  5. Q:The PANOPTO Block in iSpace prompts “Error retneving Panopto course”/Deleted by mistake
    A:Panopto's course which corresponds to the video library / user rights of panopto are wrong due to misoperation. Open the course editing mode, click the setting button "Configure Panopto block" at the top right of Panopto Block to enter the setting page. Click “Add this course to panopto” on the settings page.
  6. Q:TA cannot log in to the panopto client.
    A:Panopto Recorder on Panopto client is a video upload tool only open to teachers. If TA wants to assist teachers in course management, please visit mstv.tangview.com through a browser, and manage videos in Panopto on the web page. For specific operation methods, please refer to the online help page in the upper right corner of the web page.
  7. Q:For teachers, how to open the Panaopto management right for TA?
    A:On the left side of Panopto web page, right click the information bar to get relevant course video library, select “Share” to get permission settings for course video library.

Recording and live broacasting

  1. Q:Only PC or Macbook can be used to record lectures?
    A:You can use your iPad or iPhone to record your videos and upload them to Panopto for students to view
  2. Q:Only Panopto Client can be used to record?
    A:You can use any third party softwares to record your lectures. Make sure you upload the videos to Panopto for students to view
  3. Q:Only Panopto Client can be used to live broadcast?
    A:Yes. Only Panopto Client can provide the live broadcast function
  4. Q:Can other videos be demonstrated during recording?
    A:Yes. Just simply open and play your videos during recording. Students will be able to view what you play on your computer screen
  5. Q:Why is my video showing “processing podcast” after I finish uploading? When can I turn off the Panopto Client?
    A:Videos uploaded to Panopto require to be processed by the server. When you see the message “processing podcast”, you can turn off our Panopto Client
  6. Q:What if the Mac OS is not compatible with Panopto Client?
    A:Teachers can find other third party recording softwares to record lectures. And then upload the videos to mstv.tangview.com. You can notify the students when the video is ready to view. Chat function in your iSpace course can provide the same experience as the discussion function in Panopto.

To view

  1. Q:Is it necessary to install any software in order to watch Panotpo videos?
    A:No, it isn’t. A web browser is enough. Simply go to https://ispace.uic.edu.hk and find the links provided by your professors in your course.
  2. Q:Can we ask questions during the live broadcast?
    A:Yes. Students can type questions in the discussion. Teacher will be able to see them and answer your questions verbally during the live broadcast.
  3. Q:Can we rewatch the live broadcast?
    A:Yes, you can.
  4. Q:How to enter the live broadcast of the course?
    A:If the teacher has begun the live broadcast, students can find the link in the “Live Session” of the Panopto block in the iSpace course. Click “Watch Live” and students will be able to join