ITSC provides following services to support teaching and learning activities at UIC.

Classroom IT Support

ITSC is solely responsible for management and support of all the IT equipment in classrooms such as computer, projector, audio system and other multimedia equipment.

Services include:

  • Routine checkup and monitor all classroom equipment to make sure they are under good conditions.
  • Hotline service during office and lecturing hours. Staff can call ITSC hotline to report any technical problem.
  • Requested teaching software installation.
  • Operation and application software installation and upgrade.

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Classroom Equipment List

Computing Centre Support

Type Room Division Device Admin Office Phone Mobile
General Computing Lab C402 ITSC  DELL 9020 SFF × 48 F202 8397 18675606244
C403  DELL 3010 SFF × 106 F202 8397 18675606244
T201 Dell 3020 SFF × 81 F202 8397 18675606244
T202 Dell 3020 SFF × 58 F202 8397 18675606244
Division Computing Lab F102 DHSS-IJ HPZ230×10, HPZ220×15, DELLT1700× 9 F102 8071 13926991224
F103 DHSS-PRA Dell 9020 SFF×31 C501   15812710199
F107 DHSS-CTV Mac pro× 14, iMAC×24 C501 8527 13672765624
F201 DST-CS 6×iMAC,1×DELL workstation,DELL 7020 SFF ×58 E408 8446 13726204979
F203 DST-ST Dell 3020 SFF×30 E409 8620 15875663596
C401 ELC Dell 3020 SFF×54 B401 8640 13427781942
C115 DST-PSY  HP Pro 3085 MT×16 E408 8614 15819461614
iCentre DBM  HP 2000 MT×47        

Office IT Equipment Support

  • IT Equipment Loan Service

A limited number of IT equipment such as note book computer, projector, USB disk and etc, are available in ITSC for loan. UIC staff are eligible to borrow the equipment for teaching and official activities.

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Rules and Regulations on IT Equipment Loan Service

  • Office Computer Support

ITSC is solely responsible for allocation of office computer to the entire campus staff. All computers, hardware accessories and software that are distributed from or registered in ITSC will be entitled for the following services:

  • Computer hardware and accessories upgrade and installation.
  • Requested software installation.
  • Operation and application software upgrade and installation.
  • Hotline or email services to resolve staff's computer problem.
  • Research solutions for improving staff productivity and efficiency.