ITSC provides a variety of IT training programs to both staff and students. (Both self-based learning and instructor-based teaching in iSpace System) The training includes using IT equipment in campus for teaching and learning, operation on the academic registry system, in house and third party application software. By offering these seminars and programs, we hope users can get a good grasp of hardware and software knowledge.

Procedures for enrolling a training course:

1. ITSC iTraining will broadcast the new course message to all staff and students by email before the event.
2. Staff can also visit our ITSC website for detailed course schedules.
3. Registration can be made via MIS Online Registration System or via email ( ).
4. Training material can be downloaded from ITSC website.

Regular Workshops for Staff

Topic Hours Frequency
New Staff Orientation 1 Every Semester
Using Classroom IT Equipment 1
Website Maintenance 2
Application on MIS 2
Email System 2
Document Management System(DMS) 2
Using Microsoft PowerPoint 2
Using Microsoft Excel 2
Windows System 2
Campus IT facilities 2

Regular Workshops for Student 

Topic hours Frequency
Orientation for New Students 1 Every September
Orientation for International Students 1 Arranged by IDO
IT Certificated Courses Sharing 2 Every Semester
Using Microsoft PowerPoint 2
Using Microsoft Excel 2
Using Microsoft Word 2
Student Email System 1
Introduction of IT Systems for Student 2
iSpace Forum 2
IT Workshops 2
IT Student Helper Orientation 1

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