The Learning Resource Centre is established with the primary aim of supporting the learning, teaching and research activities in UIC. We are open to all students and staff members of UIC.

These regulations have been formulated to facilitate the operation of the library and to promote fair access and use of library resources and facilities.

Admission to LRC

Admission to LRC will be permitted only upon presenting a valid UIC Student/Staff Picture ID card. This card is not transferable.

Using ID card

A valid UIC Student/Staff Picture ID card must be presented in order to borrow/renew materials or to obtain other library services. This card is not transferable. The person named on the card is responsible for all library transactions made with the card. 

The loss or theft of the picture identification card must be reported immediately to the Circulation Desk. Borrowers will be held accountable for transactions on their cards until such notification is received. 

For the replacement of the picture identification card, please consult Human Resources Office (STAFF) or Academic Registry (STUDENTS).

Borrowing Regulations

Upon presenting a valid UIC Student/Staff Picture ID card, user can borrow materials from LRC subject to the loan quota and loan period listed below.

Card is not transferable and cannot be used on behalf of any other person.

Loan Quota and Loan Period


Type of materials


Loan Period

Renewal limit

Renewal period

Faculty & Staff


80 items*

56 days


1st renewal: 56 days

2nd renewal: 28 days



50 items*

56 days


28 days



10 items*

28 days


14 days


Course Reserves

2 items

2 hours



Videos 3 titles 7 days 0 0
Headset / remote control 1 item 2 hours 0 0

*including Course Reserves, New Arrivals, Videos, Headsets, Remote controls.

Non-Circulating Materials

Reference Materials, thread-bound books, music scores, Newspapers and Magazines are non-circulating materials;

Borrowing Procedure

No materials shall be removed from LRC until it has been properly checked out at the Circulation Desk or at the Self-Check unit. A valid UIC Student/Staff Picture ID card must be provided when borrowing LRC materials.


Circulating material which has not been requested by other users can be renewed once. Renewal can be done at the Circulation Desk or through "My Account" on LRC's website.


Fines for late return of LRC general materials are 2 yuan/day/item. Maximum fines for an overdue item are 120 yuan. Fines for late return of Course Reserves, video recordings, headsets, remote controls, and books not returned after two warnings are not bound by this clause.

Course Reserves, headphones, and remote controls are for in-library use only and the loan period is 2 hours. Fines for late return of Course Reserves, headphones, and remote controls are 2 yuan/hour/item or any portion of the hour. 

All patrons will be required to clear all outstanding fines from the previous academic semester before borrowing new materials or to obtain other library services in the current semester.  


An overdue notice will be sent via email to patrons as soon as the loan period expires. However, the onus of returning LRC materials on time rests with the patrons.

Damage/Loss of LRC Materials

Patrons should compensate for the damage or loss of the checked-out items. If an item is damaged (e.g. water damaged, pages removed), the patron will be billed for the damage. The charges are determined by the librarian based on the price of the damaged item. If an item is lost, an immediate report should be made to the Circulation Desk to enable appropriate actions. Materials are assumed lost after 60 days following the due date for regular loans and 7 days for Course Reserves; charges for the cost of replacing these materials will be levied.

Patrons can choose to pay for the levied charges of the lost item or purchase a new copy after consultation with library staff.

Replacing cost:For an English book, the cost is three times the list price of the lost item plus all accumulated overdue fines. For a Chinese book, the cost is three times (or higher) the list price of the lost item, depending on the date of publication, plus all accumulated overdue fines.

Purchasing a new copy:Patron should buy an exact same copy and pay 20 yuan for processing fee within 28 days after reporting the loss. Failure to do so, LRC will impose the replacement cost stated above.

Replacing cost for headphone is 800 yuan/pc, and for remote control is 300 yuan/pc.

If the lost or damaged item is one of a set or series, the patron may be requested to buy the whole set or series if the lost item cannot be purchased alone.

The overdue fine must be paid if the report of the lost item is made after the due date.

If the item is taken as a lost item and paid, LRC will not accept the original copy when it is found, except for the one which is out of print.

Borrowing privileges will be suspended until all fees/fines are paid.

Book Requests/Reservations

Using their respective book request quota, users can place holds on items that have been checked out by other users. A pick-up notice will be sent to the requesting patron by email once the requested book is available, LRC will keep the book at the Circulation Desk for three days.

Return Procedure

All loans must be returned on or before the date and/or time due. Materials found in the stacks that are not sensitized and returned through the library system are considered returned on the date found.

Email Notices

In line with the College's emphasis and practice on electronic communication, LRC sends out its pre-overdue, overdue, and pick-up notices to all UIC members via their email accounts registered in the College's central database.

It is the responsibility of the users to provide the correct correspondence / email addresses to the College and any subsequent change must be reported to the respective departments of the College immediately. Non-receipt of notice does not excuse the patron from liability for fines or other sanctions.

Unauthorized Removal and Mutilation of LRC Materials

Unauthorized removal of LRC property from LRC premises and mutilation of LRC materials are serious disciplinary offences. Users of LRC found committing these offences will be dealt in accordance with the rules laid down by the College.


Demerit Point System

To promote a pleasant environment that protects LRC materials and is conducive to study and research, you are advised to refrain from the following undesirable activities in LRC:

  • Eating, drinking and/or displaying food and beverage;
  • Making excessive noise in open areas and causing disturbance to others;
  • Borrowing UIC Staff/Student picture ID card from others;
  • Lending UIC Staff/Student picture ID card to others;
  • Defacing or intentionally damaging LRC materials, equipment and furnishings;
  • Intentionally taking LRC materials out of LRC without checking them out;
  • Preoccupying seats;
  • Other improper behavior that may cause annoyance to other users and staff members in LRC or disrupt the normal routine of LRC.

To discourage the above undesirable activities, LRC implements a demerit point system. Action will be taken when a LRC user has accumulated a certain level of demerit points.

Details can be found below:

Improper user behavior such as those listed in the Demerit Point Table will result in demerit points recorded and accumulated in the user's LRC record.

Demerit Points Table

Undesirable Activities


Making excessive noise in open areas and causing disturbance to others


Eating and/or drinking beverage


Preoccupying seats


Borrowing or lending UIC Staff/Student picture ID card


Theft of LRC materials



Repeated infringements will result in the following penalties. Action will be taken when a LRC user has accumulated a certain level of demerit points.

The demerit point balance will be reset to zero after reaching 20 and sanctions applied.

LRC reserves the right to modify the demerit point system. For more information, please contact staff at the Circulation Desk.


Cumulative Points

Actions Taken by LRC


Name recorded.


Name recorded and warning letter issued to the user.


Name recorded and the user banned from borrowing LRC materials for 2 weeks.


Name recorded. Notify School/ Department/ SAO when necessary. User will be banned from entering LRC for 4 weeks.

* LRC reserves all rights to interpret the rules above.