Locating e-magazines and e-journals in the LRC via:

→ LRC homepage
→ E-resources
→ Flipster

LRC Homepage

1. On the LRC homepage, select “E-Journals” tab. Enter a magazine or journal title in the search box, and click “Search”.


2. Find the magazine or journal you want on the results page, and click on the hyperlink as shown below to access the magazine or journal.



1. Under “Find Materials” tab on the LRC homepage, select “E-resources”, followed by “E-journals”.


2. To search: Type in a magazine or journal title in the search box and click “Search”.

3. To browse: Browse magazines and journals alphabetically or by subject category.

4. To browse e-journals by title only: Simply click on a title to view its contents.


Enjoy digital magazines on your mobile device or computer. LRC’s subscription includes The Atlantic, Consumer Reports, Diplomat, MIT Technology Review, The New Yorker, Newsweek Global, Science News, The Week, and more.

Online Reading at a Web Browser

1. Visit Flipster via “LRC homepage — Find Materials — E-resources — E-Books”.

2. Select the magazine you are interested in and click on its cover.


Download via Flipster APP

1. Download the Flipster App:

Scan the QR code below to download Flipster App on your mobile device on campus. If you are off campus, please connect to UIC VPN first before downloading.

flipsterAndroidApp                flipsterIOSApp

2. After installing the Flipster app on your mobile device, tap “Get Started”, search for “Zhuhai” in “Find My Library” and select the full name of UIC.