2018 was a momentous year for UICers and the Learning Resource Centre. As 2019 begins, we would like to take a moment to reflect on the past year. Take a look for yourself at what 2018 meant for UICers and the LRC!

This report represents data collected from:


1. Entrance Gate Counts

How often did you go to the library?
On average, there were 1,361 visits per day.
That translated to about 3 hours per day, per student.
The LRC is honored to be 1/8 of a UICer's day!

The peak time for visits was after dinner.


The number of visits peaked at 19:00-19:59. UICers normally enjoyed exercising their minds after filling their stomachs.

2. Loan Data

The total number of books borrowed was 35,158.

The average number of books borrowed by a UICer was 5.9.

Division With the Highest Number of Loans


Male and Female Loan Averages


Female UICers borrowed a total of 18,557 books, while male UICers borrowed a total of 5,819.

On average, female UICers borrowed 3.8 more books than male UICers.

Number of Loans Organized by Surname


UICers with the surname "Li" borrowed the most books from the LRC, totaling 2,473.

Can you find your surname on the chart?

Ranking of Hot Subjects

The top 3 subjects of Chinese language book loans were Culture, Philosophy & Religion, and Economics.


The top 3 subjects of English Language book loans were the Social Sciences, Literature, and Technology.


The Most Popular Books

● Top 10 Chinese Language Books


《解忧杂货店》was the most popular and was borrowed 34 times.


● Top 10 Foreign Language Books


A Dream of Red Mansions 《红楼梦》was the most popular and was borrowed 34 times.


● Top 10 Course Reserves


Intermediate Accounting was the most popular and was borrowed 118 times.


● Top 10 E-book Kiosk Downloads


《国富论 》was the most popular and was downloaded 58 times.



3. Group Study Room Data

The group study rooms were used for a total of 24,732 hours.

-- Usage based on user category --


-- Usage based on time of day --


4. Reference

1 Usage of OPAC & Summon


Data showed that UICers preferred OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog), but Summon- a very powerful knowledge discovery search engine- can also help you discover useful academic resources beyond the LRC's collection.

2 Top 5 Databases by download


The Chinese database CNKI was the top database for downloads, followed by JSTOR, which has extensive collections of materials on the humanities and social sciences. In third place was Emerald Insight; a business and economics database. At number four was ScienceDirect, where users can access collections on the subjects relating to science and technology. UICers can expect to have access to more collections through ScienceDirect in 2019. In fifth place was ProQuest ABI/INFORM Collections, another business and economics database.

3 Inter-library loan Service


The LRC received 1,357 inter-library loan requests in 2018.

APSY students had the most requests received, totaling 381, which accounted for 28% of the total number of requests.

ASPY students made good use of the inter-library loan service to aid their study and research!

5. Activity Review

lrcnews20190307020 Academic book exhibition


The LRC held three book exhibitions in 2018, during which UICers selected a total of 7,291 books that were added to the LRC's collection.

lrcnews20190307020 Talks and Workshops


LRC also held various interesting cultural activities, and invited scholars in and outside UIC to share their valuable insight.

Dr. Zhang Zhan, a Harvard PhD graduate, delivered a lecture on "The Trade and Cultural Communication of the Ancient Silk Road."


Ms. Roser Cervera hosted a book sharing session on The Little Prince, which has been translated into more than 250 languages. UICers read a paragraph in 13 languages, including: English, Korean, German, Navajo, Russian, Spanish, Catalan, Estonian, French, Arabic, Malay, Polish, Mandarin, and Cantonese.

The LRC welcomed a dialogue with Dr. Ghee Ho, program director of Applied Psychology, on "Mental Health, Psychology, and You."

Dr. Xu Xi, assistant professor of English language and literature studies, DHSS, shared "Interesting Stories You Don't Know About the Library."

Looking forward to 2019, the LRC would like to invite UICers to grow and create new experiences with us!