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UIC MET contest

The Learning Resource Centre and the English Language Centre are excited to jointly introduce the 3rd UIC MET English Speaking Contest which will run from Monday, April 22nd, 09:00 to Tuesday, May 7th, 18:00.

Introduction to the Contest:

The UIC MET English Speaking Contest is a college-wide contest co-organized by the Learning Resource Centre and English Language Centre to promote the study of English among non-native speaker students in UIC. The contest makes use of MET’s Automatic Speech Analysis Technology for instant and accurate scoring. During the contest period, UIC students can participate through the computer, laptop and mobile phone anytime, anywhere. Contestants are encouraged to keep practicing and submitting recordings of contest texts, and their highest score will be used for the final ranking.

Target Audience: All UIC students (non-native speakers)

Registration & Contest Period:

Monday, April 22nd, 09:00 to Tuesday, May 7th, 18:00.

Organizers: Learning Resource Centre & English Language Centre

Sponsor: MET

1st Place: Kindle Paperwhite (one winner)
2nd Place: 2TB external hard drive (two winners)
3rd Place: LED table lamp (three winners)
Honorable Mention: Headphones (four winners)

For computer/laptop, register at
For mobile phone, scan the QR code and select “大赛”


Contest Rules:
1. The contest consists of two articles: article I provides the contest text on the screen while article II is listening. Contestants listen to MET’s reading of contest texts and repeat. Contestants must finish both articles to receive a final score, which is the summary of the scores they receive in each article.
2. During the contest period, contestants can participate in the contest anytime, anywhere via the computer/laptop/mobile phone. Each contestant can submit their recordings of the contest article as many times as they want to improve their scores. The system will record their best score after each reading and use that for final ranking.

There will be a library workshop about MET on Wednesday, April 24th, 2019.

We look forward to your active participation and hope you have a joyful time speaking English.