With the end of August, the campus has begun to liven up and UIC has welcomed a new cohort of students to the 2019-2020 school year. The library is an important place that supports the study, teaching and research of teachers and students. To help the new freshmen better understand the resources and services provided by the library in a short time period, the library held a two-day freshmen tour of the facility on August 24th and 25th.

This event attracted more than 150 MCP groups, with around 12 students in each group. The library staff gave each MCP group an in-depth explanation of the library.

(Led by peer mentors, the freshmen enter the library)

The entire event included a tour and explanation of the facility, along with an information packet. The library staff introduced the basic overview of the library and led them to tour the main collections and service areas of each floor. They also demonstrated how to operate the equipment around the library and answered questions that the students had.

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(Touring the Newspapers and Magazines Area and Audio-Visual Room)

(Demonstrating how to use the library equipment)

Each freshmen received a packet that included a library guide, floor guide, program guide and pamphlets that introduced the library databases. The packet is very helpful for the students to understand the facility and the resources offered by the library overall.

In front of the circulation desk, the library placed a green mailbox for the freshmen. The students could write a letter to give to their future selves in four years; those who have something to say to their future selves, goals they want to set, and the expectations of their next four years in UIC, can write it all in their letter and place it in the mailbox. Once the students graduate, they can come to the library to get the letter that they wrote to themselves. At that time, everyone will reminisce about his or her life in UIC and whether or not they have insisted on becoming their better self.


Deputy College Librarian, Ms. CHAM and 18 staff members along with the assistance from three student volunteers helped support the event. Although the new students’ orientation is held every year, the library staff will meet before every event to sum up past experiences and refine the details to make the new students’ orientation work more pleasurable and engaging.

As one of the librarians said before the end of the tour: "The library has a lot of resources for the students. I hope that you will come to the library often." The library is the heart of the university and a treasure trove of knowledge. I hope that students can find treasures in the library, let the library accompany and witness the transformation and growth of everyone for the next four years.