As announced by the College, the start of the 2nd Semester of 2019-20 has been postponed until further notice to protect the UIC community from the continuing spread of the novel coronavirus. To support the teaching and learning of the UIC students and staff during this period, LRC will provide online services as follows to better serve the academic activities.

Book Return

The due dates of the library books and audiovisual materials checked out during the 1st Semester of 2019-20 have been extended to the start of the 2nd Semester of 2019-20. For more details, please refer to the library email later on.


Remote Access to E-Resources via VPN

You can access all of LRC's e-resources off campus if you have installed the new VPN on your device. As a special arrangement during the fight against the novel coronavirus, staff and students who haven’t done so but need to activate the Dkey Token can send an activation request to LRC at LRC will liaise with ITSC to assist with the activation.

Before the Spring festival, LRC has commenced subscriptions to the following new databases, we hope they are useful for your teaching and learning:

In addition, during this special period, Flipster has offered a four-month free, unlimited access to all its magazines to all UIC users. We hope you can find magazines you like among more than 700 original foreign popular magazines on the Flipster website or APP, while also keeping yourself updated about current news and developments in other fields of knowledge.

English Learning Platform MET

The MET website and WeChat Mini-Program "MET全民英语" can be accessed directly off campus. During the outbreak response, all staff and students in the university, as well as users of the public library can access all the contents of MET for free. You can practice your spoken English on the MET platform. LRC will hold the 4th UIC MET English Speaking Contest in the coming week. There will be fabulous prizes provided and your active participation is encouraged.

Databases Temporarily Available Off Campus via User Login (Continuously Updated)

LRC has negotiated with the following database vendors to offer access off campus simply via user login on their respective website:

Free Access to Database Resources on COVID-19

During the novel coronavirus outbreak, some databases offer free access to their content on COVID-19 to promote awareness, preventive and protective measures to support the fight against the virus. Please visit the following links to learn more about these resources:

  1. Clarivate:
  2. Elsevier:
  3. SpringerNature:
  4. Wiley:

Inter-Library Loan Service

LRC will continue to provide ILL service as usual. You may submit your requests of journal articles (excluding commercial reports and dissertations) at, and expect an email reply within 3 working days. Requests of books cannot be processed. Thank you for your understanding.

   If you have any questions, please email us at