The Learning Resource Centre is pleased to announce its new subscriptions to Westlaw and Westlaw China, and a free trial access to CNKI’s Theses & Dissertations (till July 20th, 2020).

1. Westlaw

The Westlaw database is the premier online research tool for the international legal community. It enables legal professionals, academics and students to retrieve cases, statutes, news, journal articles and many other documents from a vast global library of legal, news and business material in a matter of seconds. It includes over 6,000 legal journals, law reviews and newsletters and over 4,000 law books, covering more than 90% of today's core legal journals in English law.
Please note that the default search results are mainly about US laws, and users need to click "International Materials" on the homepage for jurisdictions of other countries.
Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the recommended browsers for Westlaw.

Discipline: Law

2. Westlaw China (万律)

Westlaw China is a powerful legal research tool customized for legal professionals. It is provided by Thomson Reuters Legal based on Westlaw online legal database. Westlaw China's Chinese online legal database contains comprehensive laws, regulations, cases and carefully selected model contracts and legal journals. With the one-stop service for access to the latest legal and business news provided by Westlaw China, users can obtain necessary information conveniently and quickly.
Discipline: Law

3. CNKI’s Theses & Dissertations (博硕论文库, trial till July 20th, 2020)

CNKI’s Theses & Dissertations is a full-text database of doctoral dissertations and master’s theses in the field of basic education in China with the features including the most complete related sources, high-quality literature, and continuous dynamic update. It covers a wide range of subjects, such as fundamental science, engineering technology, agriculture, medical science, philosophy, humanity and social science, etc.
It is recommended to visit CNKI database directly for accurate and relevant search results.

The above new databases can be accessed via E-resources on LRC website.

Please note:
During this special period, you need to use the new VPN service to access the e-resources off campus. As a special arrangement during the fight against the novel coronavirus, staff and students who haven’t installed and activated the new VPN but need to do so can send an activation request to LRC at LRC will liaise with ITSC to assist with the activation.

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