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The 2020 UIC annual MET (More English Talkers) English Speaking Contest was held from February 12th to March 6th, this was the fourth speaking contest co-organized by the Learning Resource Centre and English Language Centre. The aim of this contest was to promote and motivate students to continue English learning and to build their confidence outside of the classroom.

During the contest, students could practice speaking on MET’s online platform via computers, tablets or mobile phones, and submit multiple recordings of contest texts to the site wherein they would be graded on a scale of 0-100. In total, there were over 300 contestants, and 46% of them scored 80 or higher.

List of the winners at the contest:

Place Name Total Score Division Year
1 林燕秋 94.66 DBM 1
刘子晟 94.58 DBM 1
2 赵桐 94.53 DCC 1
林子仪 94.27 DBM 1
李宣怡 94.06 DHSS 3
韩沐岑 94.01 DBM 1
3 吴启元 93.9 DHSS 1
刘源 93.86 DBM 2
薛佳佳 93.76 DCC 1
王舒涵 93.72 DBM 1
周欣 93.65 DBM 1
黄竞灿 93.53 DBM 2
朱婕 93.47 DBM 1
李知恒 93.2 DHSS 4
肖潇雨 93.2 DBM 1
胡海洋 93.19 DBM 1
Honorable Mention 优秀奖 李鉴龙 93.15 DST 2
邱新迪 93.15 DHSS 1
曾雯淇 93.1 DHSS 1
吴涵秋 93.06 DBM 4
王娟 93.02 DBM 2
方雨京 93 DBM 1
徐楚珺 93 DBM 1
江恺祺 92.96 DBM 2
黎子雅 92.92 DHSS 3
曾心悦 92.92 DHSS 1

The winners have been notified by email. They should all be proud of what they have achieved, and all participants should take pride in going the extra mile in their learning. We hope everyone enjoy practicing English with MET’s interactive and learner-centred lessons and make good use of the abundant resources UIC provides them to support their English learning journey.

Excerpts of contestants’ testimonials:

Qiuyan Lin: “It is not just a competition, but a chance to challenge myself beyond what I've done before.”

Zisheng Liu: “This competition is both useful in my daily English studying and gives me much relaxation during the boring time.”

Tong Zhao: “This speaking contest offers a good opportunity to encourage myself to continue on the journey towards English fluency.”