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Day in and day out, as seasons change
Do you still remember what you did in the library in 2019?

Every time you took a book off the shelf to enrich yourself,
Every time you worked hard at the self-study desks,
Every time you had discussions in the group study room,
The LRC has witnessed the continuous efforts put in by the UICers.

Until we meet again at the library,
Let's take a look back at 2019,
Walk into the UICers' journey of knowledge pursuit.

  ◍ Opening and Entry Data

Days opened: 307 days

Service hours: 3,703.75 hours

The Learning Resource Centre's vision is to achieve excellence in supporting learning, teaching and research. The library stays open during the academic semesters as well as the winter and summer breaks.

Total Number of Visits: 513,181

During the academic semesters, the average number of visits per day was 2,270. The average time a UICer spent in the library a day was 3 hours, 25 minutes and 6 seconds.

  ◍ Collection Data

As of December 2019, UIC has more than 1.35 million books in its collection (371,337 print books; 983,805 electronic books). At the same time, we continuously expand our subscriptions by adding more high-quality databases and online resources. A total of 21 new databases were added in 2019. At present, the LRC has subscribed to 83 databases, including 71 foreign language databases and 12 Chinese databases.

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  ◍ Loan Data

Total number of books borrowed: 41,019

Average number of books checked out by a UICer: 5.8


Male and Female Loan Average Comparison


In 2019, the male UICer borrowed 4.8 books per person, which was a significant increase from 2.7 books per person in 2018.

The female UICer continued to outperform the male UICer by 1.6 books per person.


Top 3 Majors with the Highest Number of Loans of Each Division


Comparison of Books Borrowed by Year

*Note: Data collection time period for new cohort 2019 was from September 2019 to December 2019


Book Subject Popularity Ranking

Top 3 subjects of Chinese language books: Literature, Philosophy & Religion, and Economics


Top 3 subjects of English/Foreign language books: Social Sciences, Literature, and Technology

*Others include Other Language Books, Graded Readers, Chinese Classic in English, LOEB Classical Library, etc.


UICers' favorite subjects were exactly the same as those in 2018. Literary books stayed in the top 3 of both Chinese and English/Foreign language books.

The Most Popular Books

  Top 10 Chinese Language Books

《同级生》,written by Higashino Keigo, was the most popular and was borrowed 13 times.


  Top 10 English/Foreign Language Books

Four English/Foreign language books were tied for the first place, all of which were borrowed 10 times.


  Top 10 Course Reserves

The most popular Course Reserve was Intermediate Accounting, which was borrowed 126 times.


  Top 10 E-book Kiosk Downloads

In 2019, UICers had made 10,790 downloads from the SuperStar (Chaoxing) E-book Kiosk.

The most popular book was Albert Camus’ The Outsider with 155 downloads.


  ◍ Group Study Room Data

The group study rooms were used for a total of 27,453 hours.

Usage Based on User Category

Usage by Time Period

  ◍ Reference Data

Usage of OPAC & Summon

Top 5 Searched Terms/Keywords in OPAC:
沉默的大多数(372 times),扶桑(322 times),美丽新世界(305 times),呼兰河传(280 times),巴黎圣母院(271 times)


Top 5 Searched Terms/Keywords in Summon:
Psychology (310 times), comparison and npv and irr (149 times), m.butterfly (138 times), communication and culture (135 times), Prometheus (108 times)


Inter-library Loan Service

In 2019, UICers sent a total of 1,273 inter-library loan (ILL) requests to the LRC, 216 applications by teachers and 1,057 applications by students. A high fulfill rate of 96% was achieved, with only a small percentage of requests involving business reports and theses and dissertations not fulfilled. The ILL service can effectively supplement LRC’s collection and helps UICers efficiently access resources outside the library.

According to the data of ILL service, students from Applied Psychology had a much higher usage rate than students from other programs.

Library Information Literacy Workshops

In 2019, the library held 55 information literacy workshops, including 24 regular database workshops held on Wednesdays during each semester. These workshops are a good way to better understand how to use the databases quickly. We hope that students will seize the opportunity and actively participate in them.

Graded Readers Book Club


In 2019, we provided tutoring/reading services in the Book Club Corner. Every week at a scheduled time, Tony was there to discuss reading problems with students and share with them their reading experience. When school starts again, we will still be waiting for you here.

  ◍ Activities Review

New Student Orientation

From August 24th to 25th in 2019, the LRC held a two-day orientation for the first year students to learn the services and resources it offers.

The Little Prince Book Sharing Session

On April 23rd 2019, the LRC held “The Little Prince” Book Exhibition and Reading Presentation. The Little Prince in 60 different languages was displayed in the exhibit. During the presentation, 30 UICers read excerpts from the book in their own language or Chinese dialect.

DHSS Year 1 student Ma Qianqi playing violin for the reading presentation

The Fifth Annual Sino-Foreign Joint Venture University Library Meeting

On April 3rd 2019, the LRC hosted the 5th annual Sino-Foreign Joint Venture University Library Meeting which included the University of Nottingham Ningbo China, Beijing Normal University- Hong Kong Baptist University United International College, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, New York University Shanghai, Wenzhou-Kean University, Duke Kunshan University, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen), and Shenzhen MSU-BIT University. More than 70 library directors and librarians from the 8 universities attended the meeting.

The Meeting provided academic librarians with a platform to share their experience of operation and management as well as opportunities and challenges they have faced. It also allowed them to discuss future developments in the field and to deepen the bonds among the universities.

Chinese and Foreign Language Book Fair

In 2019, the Learning Resource Centre held four large scale book exhibitions. UICers actively participated in the exhibitions and a total of 8,139 books were selected by teachers and students to be included into our collection.

Themed Bookshelf on the Second Floor

The LRC has set up bookshelves on the second floor to promote reading, showcasing a variety of books where readers can browse and find an interesting book at a glance. Last year, the LRC displayed a number of popular themed books, such as works that have won the Nobel Prize in Literature and the Mao Dun Literature Prize, Books of the Year, Rao Zongyi’s books, books for different majors, books about College Life and Learning Skills for new students, as well as books that help students better understand the workplace and postgraduate applications.


The Most Beautiful Places in the Library

The comfortable and beautiful environment of the library has attracted many students to take photos in the LRC. Below are three of the most popular places in the library:

The Atrium on the first floor -- The most beautiful circle for the smiling faces of youth.

The Spiraling Staircase -- I hope it can lead me to move up in the world.

The Christmas Tree -- A warm winter break during the final examination.


Lost and Found

Last year, 474 items in the Lost and Found were returned to the readers in the library.


A Letter to Myself Four Years from Now

With the start of the semester last September, the library set up a time post box for freshmen. The students could write a letter to themselves four years from now to establish new goals at their new starting point and what they look forward to in their four years here. We have been receiving letters from students and will seal them for four years. Don’t forget to retrieve them when you graduate.

Advanced LRC Homepage

The Learning Resource Centre has witnessed the growth and progress of its website homepage. Since the initial implementation of the basic functions of the V.1 version, new sections have been continually added: Journal search, new functions in the menu bar, and the Book Display Widget. The 2019 version provides a better user experience by employing responsive web design so that it works beautifully on all devices, including computers, tablets and mobile phones. The new homepage is both functional and pleasing to the eye, allowing users to understand LRC’s resources and services clearly and quickly.

Our Beloved LRC

The Learning Resource Centre is a modern library with unique design and advanced technology to provide UICers with high-quality innovative services. It is now noted as Zhuhai’s “Internet-famous” library. In 2019, we received 164 guest visits, and the visitors’ positive comments were very encouraging.

Together we have left our mark on 2019,
So many memories that we can’t count them all.

Embark on an extraordinary new journey in 2020,
LRC will be by your side.