The Learning Resource Centre welcomes donations of books and other materials as well as monetary gifts. We appreciate your generous donations which allow us to strengthen our existing collections and support the teaching programs of our college.

To donate, donors may bring their gifts to the Circulation Desk at LRC and fill out a simple donation form. If donors have large collection of materials to donate, please contact our Acquisition Librarian at 3620321 to arrange for an appointment to review and sort the materials at their location. The College Librarian makes the final decision on accepting donations.

Donated materials are accepted with the understanding that they may not be added to LRC's existing collections due to space limitations and the objectives of our collection development guidelines.

LRC reserves the rights on how the gifts are to be utilized and the method of disposing them.

Please note that we cannot legally provide an appraisal or estimate of the value of the donated materials.

For information on donations and gifts to LRC, please contact us at 3620321 or email