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Issue 5

In this issue, you will read

·  Embracing a new home | 新的校园,心的栖所

·  On Liberal Arts: My studying/teaching experience at a liberal arts college | 博雅之我见:在博雅大学读书/教学是一种怎样的体验?
    --  Dong Tiezhu: Is a liberal arts university a form or a concept? | 董铁柱:博雅大学:形式还是理念
    --  Lan Yupeng: Studying at a liberal arts college | 蓝宇鹏:感谢UIC那些“没有用”的课
    --  Gregory Lewis: Liberal arts: From Augsburg University to UIC | 格雷戈里:我的博雅体验:从奥格斯堡大学到UIC

and more.

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