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Issue 6

In this issue, you will read

·  FYP: Undergraduates’ ultimate creation | FYP:大学最后的答卷

·  Learning Resource Centre: New modern library unveiled | 珠海网红图书馆是我家的

·  On Liberal Arts: Liberal Arts and Research | 博雅之我见:博雅教育与研究
    --  Fang Kaitai - Where do good researchers come from? | 方开泰:博雅教育能培养出色的研究人才
    --  Kelly Inglis - Riding on a beam of light | 凯莉·茵格丽丝:博雅是一场追光实验
    --  Wang Yuan - The road to Harvard | 王源:我的哈佛之路

and more.

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