The first issue of UIC English newsletter for staff, UIC Beacon, came out in March 2013. It was a medium for the interaction and communication among all the UIC staff members. It included the latest information about the college and other academic and administrative offices. By June 2016, a total of 20 issues had been published.


Issue 20 第二十期

Issue 19 第十九期

Issue 18 第十八期

Issue 17 第十七期

Issue 16 第十六期

Issue 15 第十五期

Issue 14 第十四期

Issue 13 第十三期

Issue 12 第十二期

Issue 11 第十一期

Issue 10 第十期

Issue 9 第九期

Issue 8 第八期

Issue 7 第七期

Issue 6 第六期

Issue 5 第五期

Issue 4 第四期

Issue 3 第三期

Issue 2 第二期

Issue 1 第一期